Keep Your Life and Family Organized With Cozi

Most of us struggle with keeping our busy lives organized, especially if you throw a family into the mix. That is why there are so many apps in the Play Store that deal with personal organization – but it’s hard to weed through them all to find true help. When all the dust has settled, Cozi is one Android app that’s left as a real winner.

Organization requires three separate tools: a calendar, a to-do list, and a shopping list. They are all needed in our every day life and it’d be nice if they all worked together in tandem, and worked for the whole team (or family). Cozi is all of these tools in one convenient app, and they’ve included a journal to boot…

Getting Started With Cozi

Getting started with Cozi is as simple as heading to and signing up for an account for your family. It’s easy to invite the rest of the members and they all log in with the family password. The Android app is available in the Google Play Store for free (and also as an ad-free paid version).

The Tools

You’ll be impressed by the tools you’ll have at your fingertips:

A Calendar

Many people stick with the same ol’ Google Calendar to keep life on schedule, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Using the Cozi Calendar just adds that little bit of synergy working together with the rest of the app and staying accessible to the whole family. Each family member can have their own calendar events and can even view them together on one easy to follow family calendar.

Cozi Calendar Interface

Cozi Calendar Interface

Adding and viewing appointment dates is as simple as in any other calendar app, and you can even have a weekly summary of the family calendar – an appointment guide of sorts – emailed to each family member each week so you can all stay on the same page.

A to-Do List

The to-do list part of the Cozi app has everything you’d want in a to-do list app. You can easily add and delete tasks, cross them off as you go, and even switch up the order as importance changes.

Cozi To-Do Interface

Cozi To-Do Interface

As Cozi does well, each member of the family can have their own to-do lists. This means that the husband’s to-do list widget on his Android can turn into his honey-do list for the wife at home adding tasks for him on her laptop (using Cozi’s web interface, of course).

Then there is room for a general to-do list for the whole team to work on and cross off as the tasks are accomplished.

A Shopping List

Shopping lists are a dime a dozen in the Store but it’s hard to find a good one. I haven’t personally found a better shopping list app than Cozi. It works very similarly to the to-do list but is more catered to reminding you what you need to get at the store. You can have several categories of shopping lists going at once, letting you keep your head on straight while out and about.

Cozi Shopping List Interface

Cozi Shopping List Interface

Just like the to-do list, the shopping list is made super easy to update on the go. One family member can be at the local market tearing through their list of grocery items, and someone else can remember something they forgot to add to the list and go ahead and edit it and have it sync on the fly. You may want to shoot the person a message just to make sure they notice the new item though.

A Family Journal

Cozi’s Journal makes it very easy to keep the rest of the family aware of what’s going on. This tool can be used in several ways, such as letting others know how specific events went or just taking a quick photo of something interesting you come across that the rest of the family might find cool.

Cozi Journal Interface

Cozi Journal Interface

The app has a simple interface which allows the user to quickly add text or a photo for sharing. It’s kind of like a mini blog for the eyes of your family only. Just one more way to bring the family closer when everyone has their own busy schedules.

Widgets Are Wonderful

One of the reasons Android rocks is because of widgets. You can use one of your home screens to keep an eye on just about anything you can imagine. Cozi has several size options for each of the first three tools: the calendar, to-do list and shopping list. In fact, you can have several widgets housing several different lists. For example, you can have both your own to-do list and the shared to-do list as widgets on the same home screen.

Cozi Widgets

Cozi Widgets

Editing a list or calendar is as easy as tapping the widget. You also have simple access to the settings by tapping the gear icon in the lower corner.


Cozi really is several apps brought together into one synergistic app syncing the whole family’s lives into one convenient place. But as far as whether or not Cozi is for you… that depends. How many lives are you trying to bring together in an organized way? This could mean your family, or a group of work colleagues. If you’ve got a group of people you need on the same page, Cozi can work for you.

One downside of Cozi is that the Android app is currently only available in North America. They plan on opening it to the rest of the world eventually, but it’s not clear when. Meanwhile, the website is open and so is the mobile version of the website, albeit with limited functionality.

If you are lucky enough to be able to get the Cozi Android app, you will see how simple it can become getting your family organized, on the same page, and closer together through the Internet and Android phones.


Cozi is a tool that works hard at organizing your whole family so you're always on the same page.