Kayak: The Best Travel Guide?

Planning a holiday can be a momentous job. For the trip to be a success, everything needs to be planned and all the costs have to be accounted for. And if anything is forgotten, disaster and disappointment could rear their ugly head. Another big problem is overpricing – many people try to avoid paying too much for anything while planning their trips. Enter Kayak which aims to solve these problems.

Transferred over from the highly successful website, Kayak is now available on Android in both tablet and phone form. This thorough and well-made application is, in my opinion, one of the best holiday planners around.

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What is Kayak?

Basically, it is a whole package holiday planner containing all the options and prices to kickstart your holiday. Kayak solves a simple problem and cuts down on the time it takes to plan each part of your trip separately. Although I have described Kayak as simple, it offers a lot of functionality and should be part of any frequent traveler’s routine.

Kayak’s home screen.

Booking Your Flights, Hotel and Cars

The three main bookings that this app allows are: Flights, Hotels and Cars. Each of these is essential when going away and since getting the cheapest price is a concern for most people, Kayak compares operators all over the web and translates the result into an easy to read display. We’ll venture in and check each of these aspects separately.


Flights brings you to a place where you can pick all of your specific search details including one-way, round trip, and multi-city. Multi-city can be tedious to organize on other sites, however Kayak takes a simpler approach. You just need to set your departure and arrival dates and destinations into an organizer, then it will find all the flights available for them. Hopping between cities was never easier to plan.

Booking my flights.

After inputing your preferences, a list of all the cheapest fares will appear. All of these will have a detailed description and by clicking on any, you will be redirected to the operator’s website.


Searching and booking a hotel follows the same steps as the flights, and you should find all the options that you’d like in there as well.

List of nearby hotels.


Cars is also similar to the first two options. After typing in your locations, a list of available cars will pop up instantly. And like the previous, the search, sort and filter options are quick and make it easier to find your perfect booking.

Extra Features

As well as the main abilities such as booking your holiday or work trip, Kayak also has many other helpful options.

Price Alerts

Here you can set up which flight you would like and Kayak will notify you when a cheaper ticket is released – a nice way to save some money.

Airline and Airport Directory

Upon selecting the drop-down menu at the top, you can access an airline directory with phone numbers, website, and a list of fees such as luggage, meals and pet costs. There’s also airport details with a lot of useful terminal information.

The packing list and airline directory.

Packing List

Also on the drop-down is my personal favourite feature – a packing list. There are four different presets: Business, Family, Romantic and General, each with a checklist of necessary things to pack for these types of holiday. You can also make your own packing list as a reminder for future visits.

Currency Converter and other features

Kayak also contains a currency converter, allowing you to quickly and easily learn the exchange rates between your original currency and that of the country you’re visiting. The app also contains a flight tracker, as well as a way to store your booking emails from travel companies.

As you can probably see, the range of features available on Kayak is massive – this is really the ultimate companion for travelers.

Why Use Kayak?

For those who are disorganized or find planning big trips hard, Kayak is a perfect ally. It allows users to quickly and cheaply plan their holidays. Kayak avoids the trouble of searching through every single travel site, and instead puts everything in one place, giving you more time for the important things in life.

In my opinion, the best thing about Kayak is that you don’t need to plan a whole holiday in one go, like other sites do. Instead, you can plan each aspect separately, whenever you have some free time.


All in all, Kayak is a fantastic application. Its clever design and easy-to-use interface make planning a holiday a simple task – removing all the stress and doing most of the work for you. I would definitely recommend Kayak to the frequent flyer and the one-time traveler alike. It offers a lot of value, and constitutes a great addition to their app arsenal.

And even if you’re like me, and can not afford a holiday soon, you can still like to indulge from time to time and have fun planning your dream break. One can only hope.

There are several trip and holiday planners on the Play Store, which one do you prefer? And does Kayak sound like the kind of app you would use on your next trip?


Kayak is a trip planner that assists you in all your holiday or work travel needs. It excels at finding the lowest prices, and managing your bookings.