Breathe New Life into Your Android With Greenify

If a survey was conducted across all Android owners regarding the one feature that they would like a significant improvement on, better battery would, quite possibly, be a runaway winner. The advent of smartphones with huge screen sizes and an ever-increasing dependency on them for various activities has led to an intense amount of load on batteries and everyone is on the lookout for ways to preserve them just that extra bit.

While there is an obvious correlation between battery backup and the amount of apps installed on your phone and their usage, there are quite a few errant apps that tend to keep running in the background even after you exit them. These apps not only put a huge burden on the battery life but also tend to hog your device’s precious resources, thereby slowing it down considerably and causing numerous problems.  A new app, Greenify aims to solve this problem in a unique and efficient way.

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Why Greenify

The problem of certain apps hogging memory resources and eating up battery is not a new one for Android and there is a countless number of apps present on the Play Store aiming to solve this problem. A common take is to freeze the problem apps but such a solution disables the app and makes it completely unusable. System optimization tools, task managers and automatic task killers are other solutions that rarely seem to work and in many cases, cause more harm than good.

Greenify, a root-only app, takes a different and unique approach to the issue altogether by introducing the concept of hibernation. It identifies these errant apps and allows the user to put them in a state of hibernation that stops them from running in the background. However, the hibernated apps do not become unusable, rather they remain accessible and are allowed to run in the foreground when explicitly called upon. This approach acts as a true battery saver while also affording users the ability to use the apps as and when required.

Greenify App Image

Greenify Breathes New Life In Your Android


Greenify is designed with an aim to keep things simple and clean. The main interface is very minimal and launching it for the first time opens up an uncluttered white screen listing out its major benefits. This is also the screen from where you can add all the apps you wish to hibernate. The “+” button at the bottom opens up a new screen that lists out all the apps on your phone divided into the following categories:

  • Running in background
  • Scheduled running
  • May slow down the device (upon the triggering of certain events)
  • Recently running
Greenify - Uncluttered Home Page and App Listing

Uncluttered Home Page and App Listing


Each of the categories has a (i) icon beside it that reveals further information and helps you understand why a certain app is listed under a certain category. Choosing an app for hibernation is as simple as just clicking on it from this screen. Each of the selected apps automatically gets hibernated and can be manually put out of that state from Greenify’s home screen itself, which is also just a one tap action.

The simplicity of the app, while commendable, also warrants that the user be careful about the apps that they put into hibernation. For example, picking instant messaging clients, launchers, alarm clock apps, system apps, etc will shut their services down completely and cause numerous problems and inconveniences.

Simple Approach For Moving Apps To Hibernation State

Simple Approach For Moving Apps To Hibernation State


In my opinion, the nature of the solution provided by Greenify works much better and is more efficient than any other alternative available. The app delivers on its promises and there is a definite improvement that I found on the battery life and stability of my phone once I had hibernated some of the more enthusiastic apps. So, if your device is rooted and you feel that it is in need of some fresh air, give Greenify a shot and you may see a marked improvement in its performance.



Greenify is a root -only app that allows you to put certain apps in a state of hibernation, thereby saving battery life and valuable resources.