Ginger: Correct Your Grammar Easily

On our Android devices we use our keyboards an awful lot. Whether it be to send an email or comment on a forum, we resort to the same keyboard to type everything out — this makes it quite an important part of the device. Developers have realised this and developed applications that give you a different form to type on. However, the developers of Ginger have taken this an extra step further.

In their keyboard design resides a built-in grammar checker that makes sure that all typos and mistakes are picked up before you finish typing. The app saves time by giving you the ability to quickly proof-read text without the need to do too much. For users who are constantly sending messages and emailing, Ginger avoids embarrassing mistakes. Read on to find out how it works.

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Introducing Ginger

This isn’t the first project that Ginger has run — they also run a fantastic grammar checker for PCs. You can check out a review of the app on Windows.Appstorm. Ginger definitely has a great set of developers who are passionate about improving grammar in a quick and easy format. That’s why when I found out about the Android application, I knew it would be very good.

Installing and Setting up

After downloading the app from the Play Store, you need to activate the keyboard. This is done by going to Settings, Language And Input then tapping on Ginger keyboard to activate it and pick it as a default.

By going into the keyboard settings, you can switch to the Ginger keyboard.

Using Ginger

Let’s say you’re going to send an email to a friend. Once you click in the text box to start typing you’ll see that the interface is quite different from the keyboard you’re used to. The keys are definitely a bit bigger and you have less buttons on the first page. Don’t worry all the symbols and numbers are still there, but you’ll need to navigate through the symbols panes to reach them. This could be seen as a deal breaker if your prefer to have everything quickly accessible. However, you will just have to accept this limitation if you want Ginger’s excellent Grammar Checker.

As you can see the only major difference is that the word Ginger is at the top.

Time to test the checking. Say, for example, that I type: “Hey, watn to meet for a cofee latr” — this is just as an example, I’m not trying to say everyone types like that. After finishing, I tap the Ginger button at the top of the keyboard and a new window appears showing me where I have made mistakes. I can then choose to either approve or cancel the changes — it’s that simple.

Ginger quickly fixes my mistakes.

As you can see the process is quick and easy. It really doesn’t take long to get the job done.


Even the people who can type quickly and efficiently still make mistakes. Typos and grammar errors can be a nightmare to deal with sometimes, with most spell-check keyboards neglecting the sentence’s context and often making wrong autocorrections, causing some funny — and sometimes tragic — misunderstandings. However, Ginger makes it easier to pick up on silly mistakes which might crop up every so often. The main way I use it is for checking long emails as I’m bound to have missed a mistake along the way. The app is really there just to assure me that I haven’t made typos and give me the confidence to send off emails with no need to proofread.

Even if you only use Ginger on occasion, it should be a mainstay on your device. The app doesn’t always have to be turned on and takes up minimal storage space, so there really is no reason not to download it.



Ginger is an Android application that provides users with a new style of keyboard that quickly fixes grammar mistakes in their text.