GO Weather: A Detailed and Attractive Weather Forecaster

The weather has a tremendous control on our behaviour and day-to-day choices. It is the subtle decider of so many things, such as whether to drive or to walk; to go out or to stay in. Some people rely on the forecasts the news offered the night before. Others prefer to look out the window that morning and take a guess. Some still have faith in the barometer on the shelves. But all you actually need for an instant up-to-date forecast is your Android phone.

GO Weather is an application designed to give you an in-depth description of what the weather is like right now, and how it will be in the near future, thereby saving you the need of having to take a guess.

Using the App

The first time you launch GO Weather you are given a taste of its animated backgrounds and asked to specify your location. The library of towns is very extensive so odds are you can find a nearby location to represent you.

Where are you?

Once the recent data for your given location has been pulled down from weather servers, you are presented with a basic overview of your local weather, temperature thresholds and wind speed with direction.

The default level of weather detail

At the bottom of the screen the next two days’ weather forecast has also been pulled down. Tapping these three icons will switch the information focus between days. On the main panel you can tap ‘More’ to show a few extra forecast details; barometric pressure, humidity, sunrise and sunset are laid out amongst other stats. For a written explanation of the weather, tap and hold the tab above the three forecasts at the bottom and pull it up: this gives you a weather presenter-style explanation that saves you working it out yourself.

How much detail would you need?

All of the information levels are presented over an animated background which reflects the current weather, a pleasing and oddly immersive feature. The weather forecasts can poll the servers automatically at an interval you specify. This means that the notification pane and widget (see below) are always up to date, without needing you to refresh them.

Remember that the forecasts GO Weather provides are only as good as the data being provided by local weather station setups. An inaccurate forecast is probably the fault of a broken wind vane, and not a fault in the application.


GO Weather comes bundled with a set of useful extensions, here is a list of the most distinct ones, and why I like them.

Live Wallpaper

My phone does not support it, but GO Weather claims that it offers dynamic live wallpapers which change depending on the weather around you. A nice touch for the eye-candy fans amongst you!


Since discussing the weather is one of the most popular conversation pieces of all time, why not use modern social media to broadcast yours? GO Weather allows you to share your current weather situation through Menu > Share. You can use any of your communication plugins, such as Facebook, Twitter, Email, and so on. I like this because it makes answering ‘How is the weather there?’ effortless.

Notification Bar

You can enable an ongoing weather notification to run on your phone. This puts a temperature readout on your notification bar, as seen here through my lockscreen. This handy feature means that not only is the current temperature only ever a glance away, it saves you loading the whole application up. I like this extension very much for the convenience factor; you don’t even have to unlock your phone.

A quick check of your phone can tell you the current temperature without even needing to be unlocked.

Whilst unlocked, dragging the notification bar down gives you some brief weather information. Exactly what you need if you have no space for a widget, or don’t want to use one.

The notification pane can also be useful for a quick weather status update.

Multiple Location Support

If you have cause to move around often, you can add other locations to GO Weather besides where you live. These are easy to switch between and would save frequent flyers or regularly travelling businessmen a bit of hassle if they like to keep on top of the weather.

Battery Cut-Off

A good feature GO Weather has that other applications would benefit from implementing is a battery cutoff threshold for network usage. I set GO Weather to stop updating when my battery level is below 20% — this way the weather updates won’t be the process that steals my phone’s final breath.

Weather Alerts

If you live somewhere prone to sudden dangerous changes in the weather, you can enable Weather Alerts. GO Weather claims it will alert you if any drastic weather is expected in the upcoming hours. Should it be as efficient in getting the forecast out as you would hope, it could deliver potentially lifesaving information.


With the provided widget set, you can have the weather updated directly to your Home Screen. There are three predominant widget styles included with GO Weather, plus you can download different colour stylings for them within the application. Depending on how much screen real-estate you want to provide, these widgets will give you different levels of weather detail combined with visual effects.

Unfortunately whilst experimenting with one, I noticed a battery drain rate that was far faster than normal. Whether this was down to using the notification bar feature at the same time, I am not sure. Though I definitely wasn’t running all three at the same time like in this screenshot.

You are not short of weather widget variations!


If you look at the core functions, you get a detailed weather forecaster application and a lovely widget set. The only cost is the effort of downloading it. GO Weather won’t set you back a penny and is totally free!


GO Weather beats a weather forecaster on the TV easily. It also beats most of the websites I have been using, as well as my HTC’s built in Weather application. However the information such as dewpoint and barometric pressure is a bit unnecessary for most users. I found the interface to be satisfactory to use, and the information provided to be correct. So the GO Team chose their weather data source well.

In rating this application, I took into account the variety of notifcation methods, level of forecast detail, andthe battery drain I experienced. Combining these and a few other smaller factors I choose to give GO Weather 8/10. Though useful and detailed, I personally did not appreciate the battery drain caused by the widgets and notifcation tab updates.


GO Weather is a detailed and attractive weather forecasting application for your Android phone.