Keep Your Smartphone in Shape With Advanced Mobile Care

Just like most PCs, Android devices tend to become sluggish with use and need a little maintenance to keep them running like new. I’ve thought about getting my hands dirty and trashing all the junk hiding in my beloved gadgets, but never found a simple way to go about it without potentially ruining them or just losing interest halfway through. That’s why I was glad to hear about Advanced Mobile Care.

A veritable Swiss Army knife of Android tuning tools, Advanced Mobile Care can clean out unwanted files, kill unwanted tasks, sniff out viruses and apps with ads, save battery life, back-up contacts and even password-protect your sensitive files! I’ve been using it for the past couple of weeks and am pleased to report that it is well worth everyone’s time.

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Advanced Mobile Care (AMC) is a maintenance suite developed by IObit, the makers of fine system utilities for Windows desktops. The app is free in the Play Store, runs on most smartphones and looks great to boot. Plus, you don’t have to be an expert to use it.

Every single screen in AMC is beautifully designed

Every single screen in AMC is beautifully designed


First off, AMC features a gorgeous UI that made me want to use it often. It’s also straightforward enough for anyone to begin using, even if you’ve never uninstalled an app in your life. While there are eight functions in all, AMC’s launch screen shows you just the three most essential, and tucks away the rest in its own app drawer.

Clean out Your Phone

Remember that I mentioned AMC is easy to use? With just one tap of the oversized Scan button, the app will hunt for viruses and malware on your phone, as well as cache, junk files and running apps. You can choose to clean them all out at once or review what AMC has found and get rid of them accordingly.

Left - Cleaning out junk files; Right - Reviewing and killing tasks

Left – Cleaning out junk files; Right – Reviewing and killing tasks

If you’re rocking an older device, you may experience slower performance when running games or HD video. To this end, AMC has a standard-issue Task Killer at the ready, and also a Game Speeder, that shows you all the games on your device — tapping any of them kills other tasks and launches the game immediately. Devices running Android 4.x generally don’t require you to use either of these, but it’s worth a shot if your games lag a bit.

AMC also has a comprehensive App Manager to help you move or uninstall existing apps, and to find APKs (installer packages) on your device to install apps or delete them. It’s much quicker than the default app manager, and simpler to use for when you want to remove apps en masse.

Left - App Manager helps you move/uninstall apps easily; Right - Game Speeder kills tasks and launches games

Left – App Manager helps you move/uninstall apps easily; Right – Game Speeder kills tasks and launches games

Manage Your Power Usage

Battery life is an issue with just about every smartphone out there, and one way to deal with this is to control what features you use through the day so that they don’t all drain power and leave you high and dry. AMC’s Battery Saver gives you an overview of what’s using your battery and how much longer you can run your device on its current charge, and offers three power profiles to turn off features that you don’t need.

Manage your phone's power with Battery Saver

Manage your phone’s power with Battery Saver

I found this very useful indeed — each of the profiles can be configured differently to toggle airplane mode, wi-fi, Bluetooth, data sync, mobile data, brightness, sound, and sleep timeout. These can be accessed from within the app or via the handsome home screen widget. You can also see the change in remaining battery life when you apply any of these profiles — nifty!

Get Rid of Snooping Apps

I generally can’t be bothered to check what permissions apps require when I get them from the Play Store, but luckily, there’s AMC’s Privacy Advisor to correct my errant ways. This tool does a quick scan of all your apps and lists them according to whether they run ads, read your phone’s identity (mobile number, serial number, etc.) and location, or access your contacts and SMS — very handy for when you finally get around to reviewing your apps to find a sneaky one that’s leaking your personal information.

Privacy Advisor sniffs out apps that collect your personal data

Privacy Advisor sniffs out apps that collect your personal data

Hide Your Personal Stuff

Got pictures, videos or files that are for your eyes only? AMC’s Privacy Locker allows you to encrypt and hide them from view, so you can access them only via AMC with a password. This works well enough, but bear in mind that while you can quickly lock away multiple files, you’ll have to decrypt them individually — so make sure you’ve made a careful selection of only your sensitive files when using this.

Privacy Locker lets you hide away files with encryption and a password

Privacy Locker lets you hide away files with encryption and a password

Back up Your Contacts

If you should happen to ever lose or break your phone, or even play around with custom ROMs a lot, AMC’s Cloud Backup can come to the rescue. It allows you to back up your contacts and call logs into the cloud — which means you’ll need to create an account with an email address and password — so you can restore them to your device or any other when necessary. I previously used SanDisk Memory Zone and Jottacloud for this, but having it as part of the AMC suite means I don’t need another app taking up room on my device.

AMC's beautiful, simple Cloud Backup

AMC’s beautiful, simple Cloud Backup

Using Advanced Mobile Care

Devices running Android 4.x are generally good at memory management and therefore don’t require users to manually kill apps to run others. However, if you’re on an older version of Android or have very little RAM, you may well need to kill apps ever so often, and AMC’s Task Killer and Game Speeder are great for such instances.

What everyone can certainly use is AMC’s virus scan and junk file removal, as we’re all vulnerable to evil and poorly-written software. I also really like the widget that not only allows you to clean your junk files and turn on any of the Battery Saver profiles, but also shows you your phone’s system resource usage in a neat window on your home screen.

AMC's sleek, functional widget

AMC’s sleek, functional widget

The Privacy Advisor, Privacy Locker and Cloud Backup all work as advertised, and negate the need for separate apps, which I couldn’t be happier about.


Advanced Mobile Care is a must-have app for every smartphone user who’s looking to tackle basic maintenance of his/her phone. It’s beautiful, easy to use, as quick as many standalone apps, and it’s free. I wish Android devices would ship with an app like this by default. It’s a shame that there isn’t yet a version for tablets, but I hope it’s in the works.

AMC is a no-brainer, folks — get it for your phone now, and clear out all that junk you’ve been meaning to, without bricking your device.


Advanced Mobile Care packs essential tools like a task killer, game launcher, battery saver, cloud backup, virus scan and junk file cleaner into a single elegant app that's easy enough for anyone to use to keep their phone running like new.