Mindjet: Complete Mind Mapping for Android

Have you ever needed a way to jot down great ideas or notes quickly and easily, while still keeping them well-organized? If so, you should give mind mapping a go – and Mindjet is my favorite app for that. It allows you to easily mind map ideas, schedules, payments, or anything else you need to know and organize on your Android phone or tablet.

Getting Started

When beginning a new map, Mindjet prompts you to give the map a name; this allows for an easily organized list of your current maps and automatically starts the first branch of the map.

Mindjet Home

You can then easily add another branch by simply clicking the branch you want to build off and choosing which type of note or map you would like to create. Aside from text nodes, you can insert images into them, taken either from your gallery or your camera.

Mindjet Basic Map

The sidebar with its bottom menu options slider lets you quickly change the settings and switch to different tools.

Use the Undo/Redo and Delete on the left or bottom sidebar for faster mind-mapping.


The app has a wide variety of different settings, which let you alter everything from interface to appearance. For instance, you can enable or disable zooming with the phone’s physical volume buttons, left handed mode, and a physical keyboard setup.

Mindjet Settings and Customization

You can also turn on “auto-capitalize”, which capitalizes the first letter of a note and fixes any other obvious capitalization errors – very handy when typing quickly on a small mobile screen. The auto word-wrap feature which automatically sets the text to the next line of the paragraph when that line is full is also useful for keeping mind maps looking neat.

Every visual aspect of a mind map can be altered, from its background color to the types of branches between nodes to the look of the “buttons” that text nodes are written on.

Personal Experience

I use the app for sketching out article ideas, business strategies, and even new web design project plans. Mindjet keeps everything organized; I find it much easier to use than keeping my notes inside a big document with tons of messy lists.

Mindjet Map

One of the reasons I choose Mindjet over other mind-mapping software and apps because it has way more easily accessed toolbar tools and appearance customization. I also love its ability to export to different standard mind map formats (XMind, FreeMind, and Mindjet’s own) as well as to cloud services (Dropbox, Box.net, Mediafire and Google Drive). You can also send mind maps as Gmail attachments directly from the app.

Language Support

Mindjet is currently available in English, French, Chinese, and German. To change the language simply make your way to Menu > Language > Select Language. I believe it’s likely to be updated with more language options over time, since the French and German languages were just recently updated.


There are not many problems with Mindjet, but it does have a few minor flaws. The grapical interface is not exactly what you would call a designer’s masterpiece, but at least the functionality of the app goes beyond the graphics. Plus, it’s not particularly well suited for phone displays, and I prefer using it on a larger screen like on a tablet, simply because mind mapping itself uses quite a bit of space.

For a complete beginner it may also be a bit complicated to master, but once you know the ins and outs it is a very helpful Android app.


Mindjet’s mobile app is free to download and use. The company also sells desktop and web software available, which can be quite pricey – MindManager 2012 for Windows is $399, for instance. However, you don’t need to buy any of these to use Mindjet for Android.

The developer also sells a paid Android app, Thinking Space Pro, for $4.88. Mindjet acquired Thinking Space Pro and distributed Mindjet as an alternative; I don’t recommend buying Thinking Space Pro as it is no longer maintained or updated.


Mindjet is a great application and has loads of useful features. When added to the online cloud or desktop version it is a full suite of mind-mapping software.

There is not much to the graphical design in the Android app, but the features and customization do make up for it. A key flaw to remember is that for the complete beginner it is not the easiest to master. This brings my total score to an 8/10.


Mindjet enables easy and organized mind mapping on Android devices.