PRX Remix: Radio Stories Curated for You

Radio based apps are very synoptic nowadays. Every app basically provides the same structure, with the only difference being the way your stations are presented. Some apps like to break this trend and make the process more unorthodox — the exact aim of PRX Remix. With this app you have a range of different stories played to you, each with an interesting meaning.

Read on to find out how exciting this little app is!

What’s the Difference?

The major difference between PRX Remix and for example TuneIn Radio is that you can’t pick a specific station. What PRX does is pull together hundreds of stories which normally last around ten minutes. Each has an educational appeal and will definitely teach you something new during its short length. PRX also claims that most of their stories aren’t available anywhere else in the world.

This uniqueness is evident from the first listen and will continue until you run out of stories — something that is highly unlikely due to the sheer number of them!

How Are the Stories Brought to You?

After downloading the application you’ll notice there is not a list of stories which you can click on. The app will appear empty and probably quite confusing. However, the reason for this is that PRX is a never-ending stream of stories. Meaning that the only thing you’ll need to do is click the play button near the bottom.

Searching for stories you've listened to in the past is easy.

Searching for stories you’ve listened to in the past is easy.

If you come to a story that you find unappealing then you just click the skip button to move onto the next one. You can also re-listen to shows you’ve enjoyed to in the past: all of them are saved inside the app in your story history.

Appealing Features

  • The first feature that really appealed to me with PRX Remix was the simplicity of the application. I didn’t need to waste time looking for something that I thought I might enjoy — PRX makes that decision for me.
  • For users who lack a connection when travelling, the app also has a setting to pre-download up to an hour of stories. Also in the settings, you can choose when to sync, whether it be over cellular or WiFi networks. And because the stories aren’t long in length, they don’t take up a huge amount of storage.
When downloading stories, simply click the setting you prefer.

When downloading stories, simply click the setting you prefer.

  • When listening to stations, I like to be able to access my audio controls quickly. As with Google Music and other players, PRX integrates with the Android notification area to pause, skip or stop playback. After starting my first track, I don’t need to open the app again.
Accessing the playback controls is really easy in Jelly Bean.

Accessing the playback controls is really easy in Jelly Bean.

  • Sharing stories with friends is a simple task too. By tapping on the share button at the top of the page you can quickly send a link to friends across email, Facebook, Twitter and many more. The best thing about sharing is the fact that your friends don’t need the application to listen, they just need to follow the URL.
Quickly email your friends a story with the touch of a button.

Quickly email your friends a story with the touch of a button.


PRX Remix really appeals to me because of the intellectual and enthralling stories that it constantly provides. I often struggle to work out what to listen when relaxing or gaming, and PRX offers a choice of different stories that are always waiting for you. My absolute favourite part is the fact I can pre-download my stations on my Nexus 7 to enjoy when I’m on the road.

PRX is a new and innovative approach to podcasting and radio listening, and it is surely going to improve and receive more success over the coming months. I suggest you try it out — it is free after all — and let us know what you think of the concept and its appeal in the comments below.


PRX Remix curates radio stories from all around the world in a never-ending and easy to follow stream.