Work On The Go With Zoho Docs For Android

Accessing documents on the move is an increasingly important part of business and Zoho Docs for Android offers easy mobile access to your documents. Zoho Docs is an online document management application for individuals and businesses and the mobile app allows you to access documents, images, presentations and more from any Android device.

If you’ve never used Zoho and don’t have an account you can easily create one from within the Android application. Once you’ve got an account, Zoho Docs for Android allows you to access documents created in online versions of Zoho Writer, Sheet, Show & Docs. You can view documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs and other types of documents easily and edit Zoho Writer Documents in Android 4.0+ devices.

If you want to edit documents in another application, you can download them to your Android device and view documents offline if you have no internet connection. Zoho allows you to view documents that have been shared with you by others, upload files from your mobile device directly to Zoho Docs, and search to quickly find your documents. You can also share private documents and folders to other Zoho users, and even tag a document with a Google Apps login so that it remembers your account info so you can avoid frequent logins.

A familiar feel

The Zoho Docs Android app is generally very easy to use especially to those familiar with Microsoft Office. Zoho doesn’t have as many features as Office but some things feel a little bit better implemented and accessible than the Microsoft tool, such as access to recent documents and sharing. The lack of functionality though is particularly noticeable with the spreadsheet application, which is nowhere near as powerful as Excel.

Zoho Docs for Android is very flexible when it comes to which formats it will accept and the app will also export files into XML for use with Office 2007 and 2010.

Zoho Docs for Android features handy access to your most recently accessed documents.

Zoho Docs for Android features handy access to your most recently accessed documents.

Sharing is caring

When it comes to sharing, the Zoho Docs Android app allows real-time editing with several users at once and allows collaborators to sign in through a Zoho, Google, Facebook, or Yahoo account. Zoho is also integrated with Dropbox, making it possible for you to sync your Dropbox files and access them directly from Zoho Docs, and access your Zoho Docs files across various computers and mobile devices through Dropbox.

Zoho Docs is integrated with Google Apps to make your document management easier and benefit from the intuitive document management features and that are part of Google Docs. There’s also a Zoho Docs API which allows you to interact and integrate with Zoho’s applications in many other ways. If you have the resources, you can build your own application and leverage the collaboration and document sharing capabilities of integrated Zoho services.

Sharing in Zoho Docs is very easy with other users or via Google Docs, Dropbox and more.

Sharing in Zoho Docs is very easy with other users or via Google Docs, Dropbox and more.

Zoho Docs pricing

Zoho is quite competitive when it comes to pricing nowadays. It offers 5GB of online storage for free but you can buy more by subscribing to a monthly subscription of either $5 or $8 per month for 100GB of storage.

Both of the paid plans you can also try for free although with both, there are limits on email attachment sizes. The more expensive subscription option also allows you to share documents with those outside of Zoho without them having to be Zoho users.


If you want a quick and easy way to build and share docs online, the Zoho Docs Android app is an excellent tool. It offers the essential word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation features tools that you need and there are no annoying ads. Google apps integration is a big help and you making it easy to share all types of media. Those that need more powerful Excel like formulas and spreadsheet power will be a bit disappointed however and may not be able to do everything they hoped with Zoho Docs for Android.

If you’re a fan of the look and feel of the Zoho Docs app, it’s wise to take a look at other applications in the vendor’s portfolio, such as Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, and Zoho Reports, as these could help you with other areas of your business.


Zoho Docs on your Android device