12 Awesome Android CRM Apps

Nowadays there’s no need to leave your business behind when you leave your desk. Most CRM systems now have a mobile or online version that you can access anywhere, and more and more vendors are tailoring their solutions for Android devices as their popularity grows. At AppStorm, we’ve taken a look at some of the best Android CRM apps. Here’s a roundup of CRM apps for Android users on the move.


Salesforce is one of the most widely-used CRM applications in the world and covers everything a growing business needs to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. SalesforceIQ is packed with powerful features that are geared towards helping you discover more high quality leads, automate your sales process, and even simulate deals and outcomes before taking the plunge on a major contract.


Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM for Android focuses on maximizing sales and customer satisfaction by engaging and communicating with customers via email, phone, chat, and social networks all from within the same CRM dashboard.

Zoho is very open to other apps too though and allows you to integrate your CRM account with other applications to create a customized solution for your business. In particular, Zoho is fully integrated with Google Apps so if you like to make use of Google products in your business, it’s definitely worth looking at.



Pipedrive is a sales CRM for small teams, which strives to always give you a crystal clear overview of your sales pipeline. Pipedrive for Android is considerably more effective than any list or spreadsheet, and in the pipeline view, deals are displayed by your different sales stages. This helps to clearly show how your team is doing and helps you focus on the right deals if an extra push is needed. If you need a straightforward real-time overview of your sales pipeline, the Pipedrive Android app may be for you.



Insightly for Android is a CRM and project management app for small businesses that’s got something for sales teams, marketing teams, and business owners. Insightly does a lot of the hard work of tracking work time and following all customer or project related activity in one place.

The Insightly Android app allows you to call, email, text message and map Insightly contacts on the go. You can add, update and assign tasks, manage your contacts, opportunities and projects. You can use Insightly for Android to view emails shared by others in your team and set direct relationships between contacts, opportunities, projects, organizations. All of these changes are also instantly synced with the Insightly web app.

insightlyAffinity Live

AffinityLive CRM is a highly professional CRM application but is designed in such a way as to make it easily accessible for those not familiar with CRM apps or who don’t need lots of complex features. Affinity Live for Android doesn’t require any manual data entry as it automatically imports all of your emails and appointments with clients into the CRM. As a result, the Affinity Live Android app makes it easier to focus on clients and the day to day running of your business without having to worry about tracking invoices, deliveries, performance and other details.


PipelineDeals is B2B CRM that, as the name suggests, is all about closing deals more effectively. PipelineDeals for Android allows you to grow your sales pipeline in a simple but effective way by enabling you to sell anywhere. It requires a PipelineDeals.com account but all changes you make on your Android device sync instantly with your online account.

Real-time collaboration between sales team members is made easier this way and if you run into problems along the way, PipeLine Deals is one of the few CRMs where you can actually talk to someone on the helpdesk rather than log a ticket online for an issue like with many of them.

pipeline dealsTeamgate

Teamgate is a Cloud based intelligent Sales CRM system for small to mid-size teams which has a simple interface that gives you lots of useful reports and insights for your business. Teamgate provides tips on how to get the most out of your data and makes you always feel in touch with your data in real time. The aim of Teamgate for Android is to help your individual sales team develop specific selling skills that work best for them using the data it provides. For tracking and forecasting, Teamgate is a very powerful tool.


Infusionsoft Mobile

Infusionsoft’s mission is to help you get out of the office and take it with you wherever you are, and claims to be all about working smarter via automated sales and marketing. In reality, Infusionsoft Mobile is more of an advanced contacts organizer than a business suite. Infusionsoft Mobile focuses on keeping you connected with your contacts and customers on the go anywhere enabling you to quickly add and edit message contacts. For instance, it allows you to instantly assign tags to contacts that automatically trigger automated follow-ups from your Android phone. This enables you to stay in touch when clients or customers try to contact you on your phone, even if you’re not actually around in the office.

infusionsoftNimble Social Relationship CRM

Nimble Social Relationship CRM is a very effective tool to gathers contact details, insights, emails and other social conversations and social signals into one place so you can maintain better contacts and relationships wit your customers. Nimble even searches the web and social networks to deliver more data about your contacts which can highlight mutual interests, shared passions, and important moments. The Nimble Social Relationship CRM Android app is very effective at giving you more information about clients and contacts so that you can develop a better rapport with them.

nimbleSage CRM

Sage CRM has for Android is all about giving sales teams total mobility. Sage CRM for Android gives sales team real-time access to Sage CRM sales and contact data so that they can always be up to date with their latest sales activities. Sage CRM allows sales teams to track the most important customer communications such whether by SMS, email or phone.

In the Sage CRM Android app, you can configure the dashboard how you want to include such things as deals, advertising or client administration. You can maximize every segment to full screen, or perform an activity by adding more sections to a report. There are a wide range of detailed reports to help you identify trends and problems but reports are only exportable in CSV format from the Android app – there’s no XLS or PDF exporting.


Salespoint Mobile Sales CRM

Have you ever wished you could keep track of customers and client movements? Salespoint for Android is a clever geolocation service for sales teams so that they can see exactly where clients and customers are geographically at any time. The Salespoint Android app takes advantage of mobile technology to bring possibilities that simply aren’t available with many Android CRM apps.

Salespoint certainly has a fresh and modern interface. The team behind Salespoint claims it was designed with a ‘Mobile-First’ philosophy which means no old systems, no PCs and no ‘Excel sheet looks’. As a result, the experience on mobile is very well coherent and looks great on Android. The Salespoint Android app can handle large amounts of data but present and manage it in a user friendly manner.


Resco CRM

Resco Mobile CRM for Android is a client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM that allows you to access and edit your Microsoft Dynamics CRM data on the go. Resco is designed for those working in sales or field technicians that need data on the move in order to improve customer service and sales. Resco doesn’t require a permanent data plan or WiFi connection either.

Resco works both online and offline so you can edit data anywhere and it will sync changes as soon as your internet connection is reestablished. Once Resco Mobile CRM is installed, its very easy to get going with it and its simple to connect it to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM by entering your Dynamic CRM URL and log in – and it’s ready to go.




This pack of Android CRM apps should give you plenty to mull over when it comes to choosing the right tools for your sales team. Most of the solutions come with a free trial, allowing you to road-test the applications within your existing sales environment.

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