Apps That Made My Week: Floating Videos and More

One of the best things about owning an Android device is discovering awesome new apps every day. The past week was not an exception, as I had my hands full with impressive and interesting ones to try. With a phone upgrade, it was a great way to test the apps and my new phone’s performance along with it.

Here are the best apps I’ve come across in the last seven days…

Super Video

Super Video is a video player that allows you to view the media on top of everything else on your screen – essentially an Always On Top feature for Android. Just open the app, choose a video file from your gallery and play.

Floating video on home screen

Once the video screen is on, you can drag the screen around to move it, or you can hold down and drag its corners to resize the player, all while being able to go to other home screens or apps.


Are you a frustrated song writer? Songify can make your dreams come true. Just recite your “lyrics” and the app autotunes it into a song.

Recording with Songify

The app offers  several free background tunes to lay the lyrics on, with more tracks available for purchase. You can also set your song as a ring tone, send it through e-mail or share it to Facebook or Twitter. This was a great ice breaker for me during a long, hard day at work.


Call App is an attractive alternative to your Contacts app that integrates your contacts list with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn and Google+. The contact profile screen has a really great, personalized design where you can view your contact’s Facebook profile photo along with their latest updates and posts.

CallApp Contact Profile

Other than call and send an SMS, you can do other useful tasks such as schedule a meeting (to be saved in Google Tasks), write a note, share a photo or link, and so much more.

Death Racing

I’m not a frequent gamer, but this racing game got me hooked instantly. The game has a different concept than most racing games. Instead of racing against other players and gaining a top spot, the player is required to complete a specific task in exchange for coins.

DeathRacing Task

Tasks can be as simple as driving for x number of miles in one go, or as complex as overtaking 20 cars in under one minute. These may sound easy enough, but the game ensures there is a considerable amount of difficulty along the way.

The graphics are not the best out there, but they’re not bad either. Game play is smooth on my HTC Sensation, provided I kill all other apps running in the background.

BitTorrent Beta

BitTorrent is a full torrent client with the ability to download and store files in your device.

BitTorrent Downloads screen

There’s a search button to look for torrents, which opens your phone’s browser to show the results. When you download the torrent file, it leads you back to the BitTorrent screen and your download should start. I like that the app does not require a Wi-Fi connection and works with 3G, which is often all I have available.

Tap and hold down the active files and it should give you options to pause, resume or remove it from the download/seeding queue. The downloaded files are saved in the downloads folder of the phone’s SD card.

jetAudio Basic

Yet another music player to add to the long list, jetAudio sports a sleek Holo-esque design with lots of added features, most notably a superb UI for adjusting sound effects. It also supports gestures for changing songs (flick left/right) or viewing the Now Playing list (flick down) as well as sharing your current song in Twitter or Facebook (flick up).

jetAudio SFX controls

Another small but handy feature is a timer that allows you to start and stop songs after a given amount of time.

For some reason, I found these apps just when I needed them — and they truly made my week a hundred percent better. If you’re having a rough week – or even month – these apps are great to take a break from it all and appreciate your Android device even more.