40 Free Artsy, Minimalist Themes for Android 2.x

If you’ve read other articles here at Android.AppStorm, you’ll notice that we absolutely love the way we can customize our phones’ user interface. The overall look, however, can be attributed to a certain theme for a specified launcher, depending on which one you have installed.

The themes I personally prefer are those that have fewer graphics and more texture; I find that these make it easier for you to view your app icons, and make your home screens look cleaner and clutter-free.

Here are 40 highly recommended themes for launchers like GoLauncher EX, Launcher Pro and ADW Launcher. All these themes are free on the Market.

ADW Launcher

1. DroidArmor Lite

ADW Launcher DroidArmor Lite Theme

This gray, monochrome theme is a good example of stripping down color to the very basic. Give the theme contrast by adding colorful widgets, or stick with the mood and use a similar shade.

2. Fabric-y

ADW Launcher Fabric-y Theme

Like the name suggests, this theme uses a fabric-like texture in the icons. Add a similar-looking wallpaper (I got this one from aeviantART) and your grunge look need not be messy.

3. Fluxed

ADW Launcher Fluxed Theme

The sleek icons complement the textured wallpaper in this black-and-green theme. Since the icons are set on a black background, any light-colored background should work well.

4. Minimalist

ADW Launcher Minimalist Theme

Black and white usually looks boring and outdated in some themes, but this one manages to pull it together nicely.

5. Hand Carved

ADW Launcher Hand Carved Theme

Not for people with poor eyesight. It might be a challenge to decipher the icons at first, but the design is just so unique it deserves a double take.

6. Aerish GTX

ADW Aerish GTX Theme

This clean theme is very easy on the eye, and even easier to manage. As with most white-based themes, it can go with almost any widget or wallpaper you choose. Even a plain old white background manages to maintain the polished look. Also available for GoLauncher EX and CyanogenMOD 7.

7. BBT Black

ADW BBT Black Theme

A very basic black-and-white theme that has quite a retro feel to it. Not the best graphics ever, but the crudeness is part of its charm.

8. Black

ADW Black Theme

The detailed icons make this theme stand out. The theme comes with color-matching wallpapers as well, mostly black – I used a different wallpaper just to give contrast to the tiny icons.

9. Chemistry

ADW Chemistry Theme

For the inner geek in you, this is a theme that replaces the standard icons with two-letter codes (as in the table of elements in Chemistry). If you’re not quite sure what the codes mean, you can always check with the app drawer – and you’ll need to show the app labels. The theme also comes with a set of wallpapers to choose from.

10. Colorless

ADW Colorless Theme

All icons are in grayscale with this super basic theme. The theme just takes the stock icons and strips out the colors. If you prefer minimum detail and color for your home screen, then this one is definitely a good choice.

11. Matte

ADW Matte Theme

Another clean theme with polished icons against a matte background. I particularly like the rounded corners of the icons, which adds more quality to the theme.

12. MetalPress

ADW MetalPress Theme

Tough and shiny, the icons in this theme demand attention as they’re set against the black, textured background. This theme comes with a few steel-looking wallpapers in case one is not enough.

13. Sense Glass

ADW SenseGlass Theme

This light and transparent theme creates a “barely there” effect with the icons and light background. The icons do a very good job of blending in instead of standing out – not something most themes can do.

14. Sticker Album

ADW Sticker Album Theme

A unique twist on the standard icons, this theme executes the sticker concept excellently. Use the default wood icon, or modify with your own pick. A fun and casual theme with minimum clutter.

15. Whiteout

ADW Whiteout Theme

If black isn’t your favorite non-color, then this theme might be more acceptable. The white, stenciled-out icons are great for any background, be it light or dark. Versatility and minimalism at their best.

16. Paperless

ADW Paperless Theme

This theme is another example of a perfect union of background and icons. The hand-drawn icons fit very well with the notepad background.

Go Launcher EX


Go Launcher EX ABLACK Theme

A clean, preppy type of home screen might just cheer you up. This theme uses colorful, round icons that are simple and easy on the eye. Who says being minimalist means not having color?

18. BluX v1.0

Go Launcher EX BluX Theme

This futuristic theme makes blue even more enticing. The icons create a modern feel with the glow effect – without being overly done.

19. Cool Blue

Go Launcher Ex Cool Blue Theme

The cyan tiles background fits perfectly with the clock widget and the icons on the notifications bar with this black-and-blue theme. Use the stock theme background (plain black) for a more minimalist look.

20. Clinical (Free version)

Go Launcher Ex Clinical Theme (Free)

The theme’s name suggests a sterile, clean look for your home screen – and it definitely delivers. The theme also comes in a paid version, which offers more icons.

21. Cute Birdie

Go Launcher EX Cute Birdie Theme

Being minimalist is not synonymous with being neutral and plain. If you want a more feminine touch to your home screen, then this theme should be on your list.

22. Color Dot

Go Launcher EX Color Dot Theme

This theme has organized its colors with cute little dots (for the background) with icons to match. The result is a spread of colors across the screen.

23. Glasklart

Go Launcher Ex Glasklart Theme

The developer of this theme boasts of over 250 icons available. Another sleek and super minimalist design that’s worth trying.

24. Green Bubble

Go Launcher Ex Green Bubble Theme

The unusual color and design makes this quirky theme stand out from the rest. Apparently inspired by nature (hence the leaf-shaped icons), it’s a fun way to be green.

25. Grey

Go Launcher Ex Grey Theme

Enjoy a clean, grey interface with this basic theme, which comes with two HD wallpapers and supports Apps 2 SD.

26. Leaves

Go Launcher EX Leaves Theme

Like nature-themed macro shots? This theme favors that by creating semi-transparent icons that do not distract from the background.

27. Love Tree

Go Launcher EX Love Tree Theme

Another theme for the ladies who love pink. The focal point is definitely the “love tree”, an eye-catcher for anyone who likes a girly look.

28. Monochrome

Go Launcher EX Monochrome Theme

This stylish black and white theme invested in nicely crafted icons for its clean design. A classic and timeless theme that has the ultimate minimalist appeal.

29. Retro Patterns

Go Launcher EX Retro Patterns Theme

Funky and not your typical theme, Retro Pattern is a unique way of standing out without being too loud. The home screen should be free of distracting widgets as these would take away from the focal point of the wallpaper.

30. Stones

Go Launcher EX Stones Theme

This cool-toned theme uses a rounded shape to ¬†maintain uniformity across all app icons. Set against a grey, marble-type background, it’s a great minimalist choice.

31. Whitewashed

Go Launcher Ex Whitewashed Theme

Another simple, black-and-grey theme to add to this list. The theme has 50 custom icons and comes with four matching wallpapers.

32. WP7Blue

Go Launcher EX WP7Blue Theme

Inspired by Windows 7, this theme is another way to maintain a clean, modern layout for your home screen. A great way to transition to Android if you still can’t let go of your Windows phone.

33. ZFish

Go Launcher EX ZFish Theme

This zen-inspired theme is a picture of calm and simplicity. The best part of this theme is probably the wallpaper, which creates a great focal point and texture for the home screen.

34. Cloud 3D

Go Launcher EX Cloud 3D Theme

This airy theme of blue and white captures being in the clouds – with a 3D feel.

35. Fluorescence

Go Launcher EX Fluorescence Theme

Something strong and electrifying for the new year, this theme is an eye-catching pop of purple. Glowing neon icons against a black background is always a great look.

Launcher Pro

36. Blurred Nuevo

Launcher Pro Blurred.Nuevo Icon Pack

Inspired by the MotoBlur interface, these icon sets are simple and attractive, leaving your home screen looking polished and ready for business.

37.  Frosted

Launcher Pro Frosted Theme

Yet another classic black-and-white (and grey) theme, the icons on this pack are bigger than usual. This makes for a unique twist on an old idea.

38. HoneycombBW

Launcher Pro Honeycomb BW Icon Pack

If you like the Honeycomb UI, this icon set should catch your attention. Great attention to detail despite the tiny size of the icons.

39. Suave HD

Launcher Pro Suave HD Icon Pack

This is probably the best set of icons in the list. The quality is excellent considering the theme is free (there is a paid version). The developer also updates the icons regularly, so that’s another plus.

40. AnnaDroid Lite

Launcher Pro AnnaDroid Lite Icon Pack

Based on the Symbian 3 icon set, Anna, this theme is simple and casual. Over 150 app icons and more are added with each update.

So there you have it – 40 excellent themes to give your home screen a great minimalist design. Is there a theme you think should be included in the list? Share it below!