Find the Perfect Ringtone With These Android Apps

Ringtones have different purposes for different people. For some, they are simply a way of discerning their ringer from everyone else’s; for others, they’re used to be able to listen to their favourite song whenever someone contacts them; and for a few, they’re picked for their comedic value.

For years the word “ringtone” was associated with a small handful of jingles – particularly Nokia’s (in)famous one – but in the smartphone age notification tones can range from T-Pain’s newest song to Yoda informing you of a new email. Whatever you look for in a ringtone, you’re bound to find one you’ll love with this selection of ringtone apps.

Ringtones roundup: Myxer


Myxer is by no means a newcomer to the ringtone scene – which is clear to see when you browse its selection! There are absolutely tons of ringtones, covering every category from hip-hop to comedy.

If you want to check out the library yourself without downloading the app, you can do so via their popular website. All the ringtones you see on the website are also available on the app, which is perfect for ensuring that this app has the right selection for you. Myxer focuses on popular music such as Adele and Rihanna, so for those of you looking for funny ringtones or similar this app may not be for you.

If the website impresses you, you’re in for a real treat upon launching the app. It has a very clean interface that makes browsing their ringtones a breeze. On the main page you’ll find a basic list of ringtones, including “Pick of the day” (very convenient if you find the large selection overwhelming), a slide up menu, and a small ad on the bottom advertising one of Myxer’s sister sites, Myxer Social Radio.

Myxer's clean UI is very apparent.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 1.5 or above
Market Link: Myxer
Developer: Myxer

Ringtones roundup: Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers

Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers

Zedge’s name will strike a bell with most people seeing as it’s website is one of the most popular spots to get any type of media for your phone (including videos and pictures, alongside ringtones).

To say that the Zedge Android app is very well designed is an understatement. It’s clear that careful planning went into this app both UI-wise and feature wise, and all of this work paid off.

The user interface is simple to navigate, snappy and quick. Browsing through the selection of ringtones is a very fluid experience. The selection of ringtones from Zedge is absolutely mind-boggling. I was able to search for a TV show that hasn’t aired in a decade (Murder, She Wrote, for those of you interested) and what was the first result? The full length theme song.

It’s hard to specify the types of ringtones that this app provides as it really does seem to have a large selection from every category imaginable!

Zedge's massive ringtone selection & previewing one of them.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 2.0 or above
Market Link: Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers
Developer: Zedge

Ringtones roundup: Ringo: Ringtones & Text Tones

Ringo+: Ringtones & Text Tones

When somebody mentions ringtones I tend to think of a song playing out loud, but some people, rather than having a loud noise play from their phone, prefer a vibration pattern. Vibrating ringtones are perfect for those situation where you need to be able to respond to incoming emails and SMS but don’t want to interrupt something by blasting out an MP3.

Ringo allows you to set custom vibration patterns as your ringtone. What sets it apart from the standard vibration built into Android is the different types of vibrations you can set up for different events. There are several different patterns including  Discreet, Classic, Enthusiastic, Frenzied, and Relentless. 

For example, upon receiving an email my phone is set to vibrate with the pattern Discreet; it’s good for notifications that I want to know about, but that aren’t urgent enough to justify a frenzied vibration. For receiving something important (such as a phone call) I use Relentless, and it’s impossible to miss the rapid and strong vibrating of the phone against my leg in my pocket – you could even say it was as alerting as a maximum volume ringtone!

The interface of the app is clean and functional and the functionality is extensive. Overall, this app is great if you want to try something a bit different with your ringtone.

Setting up a contact specific vibration and settings.

Price: €2.27
Requires: Android 1.5 or above
Market Link: Ringo+: Ringtones & Text Tones
Developer: Electric Pocket

Ringtones roundup: SMS Ringtones Top20

SMS Ringtones Top60

As you probably have guessed from the name of this app the ringtones available are exclusively SMS tones. This is one of the newer offerings in the ringtone scene and so unfortunately there is currently no website up for you to check out the selection without committing to downloading the app.

The interface of the app is very barebones. It’s also not the most modern of UIs but it gets the job done. Navigating the app is a bit of a bother because of the UI but once you get past this you will see that the ringtones are actually quite good! On the front page alone I found a catch stock Samsung SMS jingle and the iPhone alert.

One feature that this app has but that I haven’t seen elsewhere is a built-in sound recorder for recording your own ringtones on the go. This could be particularly useful for recording a catchy jingle off the TV or some other audio source. Overall, while this app may not contain the featureset of apps like Zedge, it still has a decent selection of SMS tones.

The main menu and recording screens.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 1.6 or above
Market Link: SMS Ringtones Top60
Developer: CoolGame

Ringtones roundup: Funny Sound Effects Ringtones

Funny Sound Effects Ringtones

Once again, the name of the app gives away the type of ringtones that this app focuses on – and in this case it’s obviously humorous ones. I’ve been a long time fan of comedic ringtones, whether it’s a “Seinfeld” quote or the infamous screeching voice shouting “Message! Message!” into a microphone with all of his might. Funny ringtones are perfect conversation starters as well as being great at lightening the mood in certain situations!

This app’s user interface is quite different to the ones above. Rather than relying on a mixture of text and images, this app relies solely on images to navigate through its array of ringtones. This may sound like the stuff of nightmares to some UI aficionados, but rest assured they did a very good job of making the icons suit the ringtones. As everyone’s sense of humour is different it is quite difficult for me to comment on how funny the ringtones included actually are, but a few notable examples include a cow mooing and “Crazy Frog” reciting some popular songs.

Overall this is quite a good app for those of you who enjoy a pinch of comedic value in their ringtone, and its image-heavy UI helps to set it apart from its older competitors.

You never actually need to leave the home UI in this app!

Price: Free
Requires: Android 2.1 or above
Market Link: Funny Sound Effects Ringtones
Developer: Sancron Sound Effects & Ringtones


I hope that from the above apps you have found a whole host of ringtones to suit your needs! Now you can always have a fresh ringtone on your smartphone, rather than a bland stock one.