30+ Beautiful Holo-Designed Android Apps

Holo first saw light in Android 3.0 for tablets and has since found popularity in Android 4.0 and above with Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean. No doubt the best looking aspect of stock apps, it was only a matter of time before the design principles started to make their way into third-party apps.

In this roundup, we’re going to take a look at some of our favourite Holo apps that you can install to give your phone the design unity it deserves!

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holo roundup: Weather Flow

Weather Flow

Weather Flow is a beautiful weather forecasting app that utilises the Holo design principles to create an amazing display of app design.

Armed with all the meteorological data you could need tied into a gorgeous design, Weather Flow is one of the best weather apps available for Android and a great example of just how far Android apps have came.

Price: $1.99
Requires: Android 2.2 or above
Google Play Link: Weather Flow
Developer: Distinction Ltd

holo roundup: Dropbox


You’re likely already familiar with Dropbox, the cloud-based storage service that allows users to store files in the cloud, syncing them with a number of local apps or accessing through your browser. On Android, the official Dropbox app comes in a form that evidences some of the aforementioned design themes.

Price: Free
Requires: Android Varies with device
Google Play Link: Dropbox
Developer: Dropbox, Inc.

holo roundup: Pocket


Pocket is a simple read-it-later service that allows users to “pocket” articles, videos and more from the web, in order to re-access them later on your Android device or another platform.

The Pocket app for Android is beautiful, especially thanks to its use of minimalist Holo, and is an attractive addition to your app toolkit.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 2.2 or above
Google Play Link: Pocket
Developer: Read It Later

holo roundup: Foursquare


Another app that you’re likely already familiar with is Foursquare, the location-based social network that offers users the chance to check-in to locations, share that activity with friends and maybe grab a deal or two when the venue offers it.

Foursquare on Android looks fantastic, exactly how a good social networking app should.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 2.1 or above
Google Play Link: Foursquare
Developer: Foursquare

holo roundup: Quotes


Moving on to some apps you may have not heard about previously, Quotes is a stock portfolio app that offers users a reliable tool to track their investments.

Somewhat reminiscent of Google Now, Quotes uses the identifiable typography of a good Holo app to offer a beautiful way of keeping tabs on your stock.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 2.2 or above
Google Play Link: Quotes
Developer: Michael Pardo

holo roundup: Trackthisforme


Trackthisforme is for tracking just about anything: sleep hours, weight or mugs of coffee, to name the few that the app’s description quotes.

A very visual app that uses graphs to portray your tracked data, Trackthisforme subscribes to the Holo design principles in every way you could imagine, to present a very pleasant and appealing experience.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 2.3.3 or above
Google Play Link: Trackthisforme
Developer: Francesco Marassi

holo roundup: E! Online

E! Online

E! makes it incredibly easy to stay up to date with entertainment news, right in the palm of your hand with the official E! Online app for Android.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 2.2 or above
Google Play Link: E! Online
Developer: Comcast Entertainment Group

holo roundup: Timer


Timer is a beautiful, minimalist timer for Android that looks stunning decked out in Holo’s now seemingly iconic aesthetics. You can run Timer in its default, and more traditional, blue/grey design or, in version 1.1, a sleek black/red colour scheme.

Price: $0.99
Requires: Android 2.1 or above
Google Play Link: Timer
Developer: Opoloo

holo roundup: Holo Compass

Holo Compass

Admittedly Holo Compass doesn’t look as amazing as Timer did, but as a subscriber to the Holo principles, it was always a certain contender for inclusion on this list.

Holo Compass is, as the name suggests, a minimalist compass app for your phone.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 2.2 or above
Google Play Link: Holo Compass
Developer: thesurix

holo roundup: Flipster for Facebook

Flipster for Facebook

It was inevitable we’d have to look at some sort of Facebook app on this list and Flipster is just that application.

Flipster for Facebook (available in a Pro version for a fee) is a lightweight client for the social network that, in a number of different, user-choosable colour schemes, offers a Holo perspective on the activity going on in your timeline.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 2.2 or above
Google Play Link: Flipster for Facebook
Developer: Dominik Ridjic

holo roundup: NoNonsense Notes

NoNonsense Notes

NoNonsense Notes is a minimalist notepad and to-do app for both your ICS or higher Android phone and tablet.

Much as Holo keeps the app in line with the rest of Android in terms of design, NoNonsense Notes will sync with Google’s services to keep all your notes and tasks up to date across instances of the application.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 3.2 or above
Google Play Link: NoNonsense Notes
Developer: NoNonsenseApps

holo roundup: Fuelio


Fuelio is a Holo app for tracking everything fuel. With the app in tow, users can track their fill-ups, consumption and cost in the hope of saving money in the long term.

Fuelio interprets the Holo design themes with a really nice white and red colour scheme, making it one of the most attractive apps for keeping track of your fuel.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 2.1 or above
Google Play Link: Fuelio
Developer: Adrian Kajda

holo roundup: PayPal Calculator

PayPal Calculator

PayPal Calculator is an unofficial app for PayPal users to calculate the transaction fees involved on the service with ease.

In a straightforward UI, the app uses the latest PayPal fee rates to calculate the cost involved with making or receiving a payment, with support for over 25 countries.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 2.1 or above
Google Play Link: PayPal Calculator
Developer: SPECTRL

holo roundup: Battery Widget? Reborn! (BETA)

Battery Widget? Reborn! (BETA)

Battery Widget? Reborn — available as a time-limited BETA right now — is a great app for keeping a tab on the state of your device’s battery, including its vital signs such as a remaining time, percentage remaining and temperature. You can also use the app to toggle power-consuming settings such as Bluetooth and location tracking and view your battery history as a graph.

The app ships with a widget for your phone’s homescreen too, which doesn’t stray far from Holo itself.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 2.3 or above
Google Play Link: Battery Widget? Reborn! (BETA)
Developer: Tomas Hubalek

holo roundup: Icy Time

Icy Time

Icy Time is another Holo clock app, offering stopwatch and timer functions to allow users to record times in the nicest possible way. Icy Time consists of just one or two buttons (depending on whether you’re using it as a stopwatch or timer) and couldn’t be less complex.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 2.2 or above
Google Play Link: Icy Time
Developer: Bruno Hautzenberger

holo roundup: TED


TED is far from a small brand, being the platform notable people from all walks of life use to exchange and present ideas.

TED’s official app for Android gives users access to these very talks in a Holo app branded with TED’s white and red colour scheme.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 2.1 or above
Google Play Link: TED
Developer: TED Conferences

holo roundup: Reddit ET Free

Reddit ET Free

Reddit users, this one’s for you! Reddit ET is a sleek client for everyone’s favourite link-sharing website, “designed to enhance your Reddit experience”, that uses Holo as its primary interface inspiration.

Reddit ET is also available in a Pro flavour that removes ads from this, the free edition.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 2.1 or above
Google Play Link: Reddit ET Free
Developer: SoftGameXY

holo roundup: BaconReader for Reddit

BaconReader for Reddit

Another Reddit client — arguably the most popular one on the platform — is BaconReader, a beautiful Holo app for accessing all your subreddit subscriptions.

New to Reddit? BaconReader will guide you through the service as if it were its own, making it a great gateway into the wonderful world of Reddit.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 2.0 or above
Google Play Link: BaconReader for Reddit
Developer: OneLouder Apps

holo roundup: Songkick Concerts

Songkick Concerts

Songkick Concerts tracks your favourite artists and generates a personalized calendar of upcoming concerts based on your location, so you never miss an opportunity to see them live.

And don’t worry; that personalized calendar is fully decked out in Holo’s design language so seeing your favourite bands and musicians live does not mean you must subject yourself to an ugly app!

Price: Free
Requires: Android 2.2 or above
Google Play Link: Songkick Concerts
Developer: Songkick.com, Inc.

holo roundup: RedLaser Barcode & QR Scanner

RedLaser Barcode & QR Scanner

RedLaser allows users to scan barcodes in order to search thousands of online and local retailers to snatch the best deal. Finding more ways to save, RedLaser also incorporates deals and coupons from hundreds of US-based stores making it immensly easy to pay as low as possible.

RedLaser also allows users to find related products, whether they be alternatives or accessories for the original.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 1.6 or above
Google Play Link: RedLaser Barcode & QR Scanner
Developer: eBay Mobile

holo roundup: Tasks


Tasks is a Google Tasks client that brings “the full Google Tasks experience” right to your Android handset.

Tasks, which comes in both a light and dark theme, can also handle your multiple Google accounts.

Price: $0.99
Requires: Android 2.2 or above
Google Play Link: Tasks
Developer: Team Tasks

holo roundup: mAnalytics Pro

mAnalytics Pro

mAnalytics is a Holo client for Google Analytics, bringing all your relevant statistics right to the palm of your hand.

mAnalytics can handle your multiple Google Analytics accounts and profiles in its simple and intuitive interface alongside all the tools to query and access only the data you need to see.

Price: $1.30
Requires: Android 2.1 or above
Google Play Link: mAnalytics Pro
Developer: mugitek

holo roundup: The Verge

The Verge

The Verge, which just recently turned one, has fast become one of the web’s favourite technology websites and the official app adds a Holo spin to their content.

Famed for fantastic feature and video content, The Verge app brings access to the site natively to your device.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 2.2 or above
Google Play Link: The Verge
Developer: Vox Media Inc.

holo roundup: ICS Browser +

ICS Browser +

What about browsers? ICS Browser + is a web browser designed for Ice Cream Sandwich that spins the stock bowser with some additional features such as setting the User Agent for your session, creating “quick controls” and automatic text reflow when pinching-to-zoom.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 4.0 (Jellybean unsupported)
Google Play Link: ICS Browser +
Developer: Beansoft

holo roundup: Tweedle for Twitter

Tweedle for Twitter

We’ve already covered a Facebook client in this roundup, so now it’s time to take a look at Twitter. Tweedle for Twitter is an ad-less, Holo-designed Twitter client for Android “built out of the need for a better, cleaner and faster Twitter”.

It’s still young, but a definite contender for those wanting a Holo spin in their social networking.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 2.1 or above
Google Play Link: Tweedle for Twitter
Developer: HandlerExploit

holo roundup: Falcon for Twitter

Falcon for Twitter

Falcon for Twitter is another Twitter client for Holo devices, this time being a widget that allows you to access your timeline and mentions without needing to even open an app.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 3.0 or above
Google Play Link: Falcon for Twitter
Developer: Joaquim Vergès

holo roundup: Calculations 4.0 Free

Calculations 4.0 Free

As the name suggests, Calculations 4.0 is a calculator for Android, presented in a uniform design reminiscent of the Holo principles you’ve come to expect.

However, the app also includes four additional tools: a currency converter for up to 10 available currencies, a measurement converter for a variety of units, a mortgage calculator and a tipping calculator to work out well-deserved tips.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 2.1 or above
Google Play Link: Calculations 4.0 Free
Developer: White Gorilla Media, Inc.

holo roundup: Unit Converter Free

Unit Converter Free

Similarily to the one before, Unit Converter is a free Holo app for converting units that promotes compatibility with your tablet as well.

The app boasts 1400+ units in 80+ categories and 20+ languages, and 150+ currency exchange rates, all converted in real-time as you type.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 2.1 or above
Google Play Link: Unit Converter Free
Developer: DDW!

holo roundup: Lemon Wallet

Lemon Wallet

Lemon Wallet allows users to store a copy of all their cards in the cloud. You simply take a picture of anything in your wallet in order for Lemon Wallet to create a digital version of it.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 4.0 or above
Google Play Link: Lemon Wallet
Developer: Lemon Inc.

holo roundup: Eye In Sky Weather

Eye In Sky Weather

Eye In The Sky Weather is a clean weather forecasting app for Android, looking great in its Holo-inspired design with twelve of “the best weather icon sets available” and four available widgets.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 2.2 or above
Google Play Link: Eye In Sky Weather
Developer: Tim Clark

holo roundup: Holo Lamp

Holo Lamp

Holo Lamp is a simple torch/flashlight app for Android that uses the flash on your handset to light up your surroundings or burst in a pulsing strobe mode, all inside an interface that fits the Holo theme of recent Android releases.

The app ships with a widget for your homescreen that can be used to quickly turn on the flash.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 2.1 or above
Google Play Link: Holo Lamp
Developer: Hugo Saltini

holo roundup: Sleep Time - Alarm Clock

Sleep Time – Alarm Clock

Sleep Time is a “next generation” alarm clock that uses the accelerometer on your Android handset to detect movements during the night, determine your phase of sleep and turn on the alarm only at the right time for optimum rest.

Price: Free
Requires: Android 2.1 or above
Google Play Link: Sleep Time – Alarm Clock
Developer: Azumio Inc.

holo roundup: Snake (Holo Modern)

Snake (Holo Modern)

Finally, we have a classic game remake for the Holo fans. Snake is an iconic arcade game that found a significant audience when pre-installed on Nokia handsets (ironically, a handset maker that now opts for Windows Phone).

Snake (Holo Modern) redesigns the classic game to fit in with Holo’s design principles and is a must have!

Price: Free
Requires: Android 2.2 or above
Google Play Link: Snake (Holo Modern)
Developer: Nick Eyre

That was a selection of our favourite Holo apps for Android. There are hundreds, if not thousands, more that abide by Google’s design language rules, so if you’ve got a favourite that we didn’t mention, be sure to share it in the comments!