10 Fabulous Fashion Apps for Your Style

While there are apps we can’t live without, there are others that exist to simply entertain and delight the senses. Such is the case with apps for beauty, fashion and shopping. If you’re into any of these and own an Android device, then this article is for you. In this roundup, we picked out ten excellent fashion apps to match your personal style.

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Viss is a social network for sharing and discovering style. You can share your own photos, tag products used, and follow other users. Browsing is customizable by item category. It also has a dedicated feed for Shopable items, which provides you with links to purchase articles of clothing shared by other users.


Viss has customized feeds including Shopable items


Mark.trends is a small app that presents the latest trends in fashion and beauty. The content is pretty limited, so it makes for a quick browsing session. One thing I like about the app is the use of high definition images that are common in most fashion magazines, so you’ll have the feeling of flipping actual pages of glossy paper. If you’re looking for outfit suggestions by color or theme, this app offers a handful of trendy and modern looks.


Get inspired with outfit suggestions from mark.trends


Fab is a mobile app for the shopping site Fab.com. It allows you to browse, share and shop for more than just fashion items. With dedicated stores for every category imaginable, it’s impossible not to findĀ something. Fab has great-looking images and browsing is fast and intuitive — perfect for shopping on the go. Being a US-based retailer, the mobile app is only available for those located in the USA.


Shop for unique items right from your phone with Fab

Fashion Freax – Street Styles

If you would like to share what you’re wearing on a daily basis without annoying all your friends, this app is for you. Fashion Freax is a thriving community of fashion fanatics who welcome style-sharing with open arms. Get noticed by like-minded style fans, or get inspired by following others.

fashion freax

Share your style on a daily basis in Fashion Freax network

Fashion Trend

This app is a catalog of the latest collections from a wide range of fashion designers. From Dolce & Gabanna to Yves Saint Laurent, the list is quite long, but if you know high fashion from A-Z, then this should be a good thing.

fashion trend

Fashion Trend provides tons of images from designer collections

Stylish Girl

While it may be an app for keeping tabs with the latest in fashion, this app functions more like a digital closet. It lets you upload photos of tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories and hang them on a virtual closet. You can plan outfits ahead by adding them to the app’s built-in calendar, with previews of each outfit scheduled for the day.


Stylish Girl helps you organize your wardrobe

Fashion Kaleidoscope

Fashion Kaleidoscope, as the name suggests, is a collection of images featuring street-style outfits mostly. The app is designed optimally for viewing photos, with a minimal drop down tab for filtering between all photos and favorites. Tapping on a photo will change drop down options to shop the look by item. This app inspired me to purchase my first pair of Dock Martens.


Update your style, or get a whole new one with Fashion Kaleidoscope

Beautylish: Makeup Beauty Tips

Beautylish is the ultimate source of information and tips for health and beauty. Makeup addicts will fall in love with its clean, polished interface (reminiscent of Pinterest), and should find tons of beauty ideas and tutorials for their next makeup look. This app is an extension of the site Beautylish.com.


Beautylish is an all-around beauty and health app with loads of helpful tips


More like a social network for discovering new fashion items, Fashiolista lets you build a list of things you love — once again similarly to Pinterest. One thing that’s missing is the ability to upload your own images to the list. You can, however, follow other users and get links for items that you can buy online.


Discover and share great fashion finds with Fashiolista


Pose is the first app that inspired me to share my own style, despite my shyness. With a growing network of fashion advocates, professional or otherwise, you’d always find someone who will appreciate you and vice versa. You can also purchase items from the app, but this is limited only to those located in the US.


Connect with fellow Posers and expand your sense of style

There are lots more of these fashion-oriented apps in the Play Store, but these are the best ones to get started. For discovering outfits, I personally like Fashion Kaleidoscope’s straightforward interface and diversity. For social networking, Pose is the most established, fully-functional app in my book. For shopping, I’m tipping my hat off to Fab’s seamless shop integration and stable performance. In the end, it’s all a matter of preference, but all these apps are guaranteed to help you find what you’re looking for, and to support your style through sharing and discovery.