8 Apps and Games for Soccer Fans

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, and since the advent of channels such as Sky Sports, it has become much simpler to get engrossed in a match. However, the experience of watching a match is far from perfect – enter your phone, and this selection of apps and games which is sure to make any soccer fan drool!

In essence, soccer is a simple game to play and enjoy. But for those of us who want to do more than scratch the surface of the beautiful game, statistics galore and in-depth information of each player can almost become a necessity before sitting down to watch a game. This is where the apps below should help, allowing you to do everything from play a match of soccer yourself to getting live score updates as they happen.


All around the world, the FIFA series is renowned for having what is without contest the best soccer game in the world – and now the fun that was previously reserved for console gamers can be enjoyed by Android users everywhere.

For the first ever, this year’s FIFA is a free-to-play game. This means that you can download and play the most of the game for free but if you want to play as some of your favourite players you’ll have to pay up a small amount. Whilst mobile FIFA fanatics could be incredibly annoyed by FIFA’s new direction, for the casual gamer all it really means is more cash in your pocket.

Chelsea and Arsenal battling it out.

Chelsea and Arsenal battling it out.

The game itself is very resource intensive, weighing in at almost 1.5GBs and users with older Android devices might notice minor lag at times. There is of course the usual massive selection of teams, and the updated control scheme makes playing long matches far less confusing and much more engrossing.

Football Scores Live

This app does exactly what the name implies: it gives you live football scores. Although the interface might not be much to look at, for getting a quick update on a match or seeing a league table in a hurry, there really is no other app that comes close. Goal notifications are also delivered at blazingly fast speeds, meaning that you’ll always be up to date on the footie action no matter where you are.

Viewing league tables along with a list of matches is great for soccer fanatics.

Viewing league tables along with a list of matches is great for soccer fanatics.

The app also allows you to select your favourite leagues and teams, ensuring that you only see teams and leagues that you care about. Another personal favourite part of this app is the abundance of stats and figures that it makes available. You are able to view possession, corners and free kicks amongst other stats for most matches.

THE Football App

Aptly titled, THE Football App aims to be the all-in-one app for football fans – and it does a great job at it too. But the one feature that sets this app apart from most others, is the live text commentary. THE Football App has a dedicated team of writers watching matches and delivering up-to-the-minute updates to your phone through text. This is incredibly handy with it being so difficult to stream a match live to your phone.

The live ticker is the perfect way for detailed analysis on any game.

The live ticker is perfect for detailed analysis on any game.

The interface of the app is another feature that differentiates it for me. As you would have seen in the other screenshots here, the UI isn’t normally a priority. Thankfully, THE Football App blends a great interface with a boatload of matches and interesting information. Of course, it also allows you to set your favourite leagues and teams along with customisable push notifications for matches, goals and match events.

Flick Soccer!

There are of course times when you won’t have enough time for a full game of FIFA, and so when that happens to me, rather than going without kicking a virtual ball at all, I instead start a game of Flick Soccer!

He Shoots... He Scores!

He Shoots… He Scores!

The game is incredibly simple and fun to play. You must just swipe the ball in whatever direction you choose and try and plant it firmly in the back of the net. There are several modes within the game; ranging from the intense “Quickshot” mode, to the frustrating “Crossbar Challenge.”

Sky Sports Fantasy Football

Fancy yourself a bit of an amateur Alex Ferguson yet lack the funds to buy yourself a full team of soccer players? Then fire up Sky Sports Fantasy Football and get the chance to buy, sell and manage all the Premier League’s top players to your heart’s content.

The perfect opportunity to create your dream team!

The perfect opportunity to create your dream team!

The app is jam packed with features, ranging from the ability to create and play in custom leagues with your friends to having the chance to win real cash prizes if you’re based in Britain and managed to craft the perfect high-scoring team.

Sky Sports Live Football SC

As you probably already guessed by now, Sky Sports is the heavyweight in soccer, and their Sky Sports Live Football SC (score center) app makes this a very difficult point to disagree with.

Both news and live score updates are easily available.

Both news and live score updates are easily available.

The thing that sets this app apart from the rest for me is the absolutely colossal amount of leagues available within it. For example, if you have an interest in an obscure Norwegian club and want to see their progress this season, then you’ll more than likely find all the information you need on Sky Sports Live Football SC.

New Star Soccer

All of the aforementioned football games allow you play in the big leagues, but New Star Soccer takes a different approach by transporting you back to a young player just starting off in the intimidating world of soccer.

From the humble local league, to the massive Premier League!

From the humble local league, to the massive Premier League!

You will have to start off in the lesser-known leagues and gradually work your way up by winning matches, scoring goals and most importantly; appeasing your managers and fans. You’ll also have to keep yourself in check, by managing your life, contracts and health.

Live Score Addicts

Although many football apps have the capability to track the scores on soccer matches, none do it quite like Live Score Addicts. The app has the unrivaled ability to have your phone light up with a goal alert mere seconds after the ball has hit the back of the net.

Perfect for tracking the biggest matches in soccer.

Perfect for tracking the biggest matches in soccer.

Apart from boasting a large selection of competitions, it also has detailed biographies on most football players, allowing you to see interesting tidbits about them such as their age, weight and height.


Hopefully from the above selection of apps you will find it easy to satisfy your need for soccer, but if I missed any apps that make soccer more enjoyable for you, make sure you leave a comment below and let the AppStorm community know!