Get That Beach Body with Android

With summer finally here many of us are in the mood for getting fitter and trying on those summer clothes. To help you show off at the beach I’ve collected a pretty good round-up of apps I’m finding quite useful in this endeavor for summer!
With apps for tracking progress, keeping an eye on your food intake, water intake and even apps that act as pretty good personal trainers – without the high per hour price tag – we’re really spoilt with our Androids!

Tracking Your Progress


This is great for tracking distance, as well as speed, and calories burnt. A great feature I like is how it tracks your records, and with its social integration you can compete with friends! Endomondo uses GPS to track distance, so while it works great outside for the long list of activities it can track, indoors (where I couldn’t get a GPS signal) its tracking was limited.


Endomondo's map view

It can track a long list of activities – running, cycling, skating, kayaking, rowing, swimming, boxing, even yoga! And that’s only a few!

Price: €2.95, Free version available
Market Link: Endomondo
Developer: Endomondo Dev

Jefit – Workout, Fitness, Gym Log

Jefit acts a lot like a personal trainer and planner as well as being great for keeping track of your progress in the gym.


Minutes after installing Jefit I noticed extra muscle.

Jefit has a massive database of routines, organised into sections depending on the area you’re working on. It also gives a detailed description on how to complete each routine, and important knowledge to know in order to get the maximum benefit and avoid injury. There’s also an option to install an extra add-on to show animations of each routine to further show you how its done!
Price: $4.99 (free lite version available)
Market Link: Jefit – Workout, Fitness, Gymlog
Developer: Jefit Inc.

On Your Way to Glory: Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, Squats

Three exercises everyone knows of, though maybe cant carry out. Rittr Labs have released an app for each of these. After first using these apps I thought they’d have been better amalgamated into one app. But after using them for a while I noticed having to open each app, Push Ups for example, got me into the mindset for that exercise, while also taking longer and giving me an added break!


The Squats app

These apps work as your personal trainer for each exercises. On first opening the app you’re given a choice with regards to your target. Then asked to complete as many as you can. The app then devises a daily routine for you to help you reach your goal, based on whether each day’s workout was too hard, too easy, or just right.

Market Link: Rittr Labs

Calorie Counter




After entering some information about yourself, you’re asked for your current weight, and your target weight. After each meal you simply add what you ate! Theres a great search facility and even a barcode scanner to make adding your meal super easy.

MyFitnessPal also reports your vitamin and mineral intake and can graph your progress.

Check out our full review!

Price: Free
Market Link: MyFitnessPal
Developer: MyFitnessPal, LLC

Keep the Water Flowing!

Drinking Water for Fit

With all this exercise your Android is making you do, pushing you hard in this great summer weather, drinking water is more vital than ever.

Drinking Water for Fit is a great app for quickly and easily tracking what you drink — and indeed reminding you to drink more. It’s simple to use and can pop up to ask you if you’ve drunk enough water today.


Before and After?

In the morning your Android starts off sad, but gets happier the more you drink. The interface is wonderful, and makes the simple task of recording how much you drink rather fun. It’s also really easy to input the info: if you drink a glass of water, you simply tap the glass and its added to your intake.

Price:  Free
Market Link: Drinking Water for Fit
Developer: westaflex

Some Other Useful Apps

A few other apps that are useful have already been covered on the site:

Knowing the weather forecast is a necessity if going out jogging — unless you’re really hardcore! GO Weather was recently reviewed by Sam Cater, and Weather Widgets is also a useful widget for easily seeing the weather at a glance, reviewed by Rita El Khoury

Getting a good night sleep is something else vitally important for getting fit, Matthew Higgins has written How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep with Android so be sure to read that too if you want to wake up refreshed and ready for some exercise!

Good luck with your fitness endeavour this summer! Let us know how you get on and please do share any fitness tips you have;  I could do with them.