My Pick of the Android Music Equalizers

As an avid music listener, I love hearing the crisp sounds that come from CDs and vinyl. But however much I love my HTC, I find listening to music a poor experience; some of the sound quality is always lost and sounds distorted. It’s a great disappointment when I put my Alestorm CDs on my phone and hear back naff sounding shanties.

So I have been roaming the Play Store for some decent equalizers that can boost the sound quality and clarity so it doesn’t sound like the mixing’s been handled by Poundland.


EQualizer is a nifty music enhancer that can allow you to visually see the music waveforms change with the sliders that you use. However, a small problem with this is that the bass booster doesn’t increase the bass but rather decreases the volume; also, if you come off the app you have to power it all on again on the menu. Apart from this it has some really good features.

Easy to use sliders and funky waveforms

I like that this app doesn’t have to be used as a player and can be used with the basic phone player; also, it has some fairly good presets. EQualizer is simple to use, it’s basic, and it delivers a good standard of music. Good app all round, but still needs some work.

Google Play Link: EQualizer
Developer: Smart Android Apps. LLC


Poweramp is a simple-to-use music player with music enhancement capabilities, kind of like iTunes with a mixing desk. It has a lot more frequency sliders than most apps, which makes it more accurate and precise regarding the sound that can be produced. It also has a set of widgets for your home screen.

Smooth, cool and sophisticated

There are lots of presets to play about with, though I think these should be considered base settings to tweak, rather than options to set and forget. Another cool feature is the panning dial which lets you adjust the balance between the right and left ear phones – sensitive ears are saved!

The only audio issue that can crop up is a small hissing and a crackling if the pre-amp is set too high. Interface-wise, if you don’t have the widget set up you have to go into the app to stop the music if you want to use a different music software, or it will just play over the top of another one. Other than that, it’s a decent app.

Google Play Link: Poweramp
Developer: Max MP
Full Review: Poweramp: Feel the Power of Music

Music Volume Eq

This app looks like a tiny mixing desk so I like it immediately, but it’s also a great piece of software that ticks all the boxes and works as a widget that I can stick to my home screen. The sliders are very responsive and work perfectly; the bass booster and virtualizer knobs look very smart and work just as well. One particularly neat feature is the decibel reader, which turns red if the volume is too loud.

Mix it like a 'pro'

Do it like a pro

There are a few problems though: if you close down the program and load it back up all the sliders will say “on”, but they need to be flicked off and on to work again. Also, you can’t save multiple different settings. Great style, though.

Google Play Link: Music Volume Eq
Developer: K&K Design


I was torn between Music Volume EQ and Equalizer but the winner in my eyes is Equalizer, just because it can be described in one word: simple. I like simplicity because it means that anyone can use it. All it has is the equalizers, the bass booster and the virtualizer – no fancy colours, no complex navigation like finding your way through Narnia. A few sliders, a black background, and a virtualized volume so you can see what the waveform looks like.

Very basic, very simple. My favorite.

The sound quality is excellent and the accuracy you can have with the sliders is great, so you can specify ranges as narrow as one-tenth of a decibel. However, once again another app has fallen into the trap of immediately stopping once Back is pressed. Not too much hassle though; press the home button and you are set.  Simplicity at its finest.

Google Play Link: Equalizer
Developer: SA Labs


These four equalisers are only a few of various different apps that can increase the quality of your music. These being the best free ones that I could find. I would recommend Equaliser by SA Labs as it has a very basic layout but gives a vast improvement to the sound.

What equalisers have you used that didn’t make the cut? Leave a comment and I will check it out.