Add Flair to Your Photos With These Caption Apps

One of the most popular uses for our Android phones nowadays is without a doubt using them as a camera. But sometimes, pictures can be a bit bland and that’s where a caption can save the day. Whether witty, romantic or explanatory, captions can breathe new life into your photos, and thanks to the vastness of the Play Store, this can all be done on the go through your Android device.

In this roundup, I will look at several caption apps available for Android that should help you add some side-splitting witty comment to your holiday photos or name that remote and wonderful location you visited.

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I’d Cap That

With a name that could even make the most mature of people snigger, I’d Cap That is one of my personal favourite apps for adding captions to my photos. And understandably so, it always loads quickly and allows me to focus on the matter at hand — adding a caption to my photo before I forget what I was going to write!

I'd Cap That

I’d Cap That

I’d Cap That has a few unique features, but one in particular stands out. It has the ability to automatically generate captions for your pictures. Judging from the content, I assume that these suggestions are pulled from the internet, but that’s not to say that all of the captions are bad. I found a few genuinely funny ones after a few taps on the shuffle button, but captions that involved a certain four letter word seemed to be much more prominent than the usable ones.

Cap That App

Cap That App is reasonably similar to I’d Cap That, but it has a few discerning features. When you first launch the app you’ll probably notice how familiar the main screen looks to I’d Cap That, but as long as it’s functional — which it is — it shouldn’t be too jarring for the user.

Cap That App

It’s in the editing screen that this app has the most differences aesthetically. Instead of having the controls placed around the photo, they are all cramped into one corner. This is one of the slightly less appealing aspects of the app, but bear in mind that it is still very functional.

Like I’d Cap That, Cap That App also has a random caption generator, but once again, you shouldn’t be using it when showing it to your boss, parents or kids, due to the nature of some of them! Thankfully, when you don’t want to caption a picture with something crude, the app will allow you to add your own custom one, which you can make as family friendly or risqué as you please.

Caption It

Caption It may not be as feature-packed as others on this list, but that’s not to say it’s inferior to them. One of the main differences between Caption It and the other apps is that it puts an emphasis on using your voice to enter the captions. Although you can just use your keyboard’s built-in speech button (if it supports it) in all of the other apps, sometimes it’s just handy to have a huge microphone to tap on as seen here.

Caption It!

You will also probably notice that this app has a lot more customisation options when it comes to editing your captions. You can change the colour and size of your captions easily from the edit screen, and you can even change the font of your caption — perfect for the typography nerds out there.

I did find the interface of Caption It a bit too minimal at times, and sometimes even found myself wondering what the next step was. But thankfully, once I got over the learning curve, I was using it at the same speed as my other captioning apps.


Although the name would suggest otherwise, this app isn’t exclusively for captioning pictures that you intend to Instagram. Instead, it’s without a doubt the most feature-packed app on this list, with options such as speech bubbles and changeable fonts. The app does have a reputation for ‘Force Closing’ sporadically, but during my testing I found it to be very stable and bug-free.

InstaCaptions is not just for your Instagram photos!

InstaCaptions also boats the best interface, opting for a colourful and intuitive UI unlike some of the above apps. As I said earlier, InstaCaptions allows you to add speech bubbles to people or objects within your photos. This type of captioning opens whole new possibilities, allowing you to make comic book scenarios and more humorous captions with ease.


No matter what you use captions for, they can definitely add a unique quality to your picture. You can post your edited photos to services such as Instagram and Facebook and impress your friends with either an informative or humorous caption, all with a few taps using the above apps. Hopefully, one of these apps will compliment your current photography routine.