Snapr: a Gorgeous Photo-Sharing Platform for Android

Snapr is a cool mobile photo-sharing platform. Recently included in our recent round up of the best photo-sharing apps on the Android Market, Snapr deserves a closer look.

The app lets you take and share pictures both on the Snapr platform and via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare, so it has a really strong social element to it. It’s easy to use, features a superb user interface and is completely free to download. Read on for more information about this exciting and intuitive photography app…


One of the things I look for in a good application is smart user interface. If I’m going to use a service, invite friends to it, upload pictures, share the things I see and do, and generally spending a lot of time with it, it needs to have a decent UI.

For me, Snapr really delivers here. The design is quite simple but highly polished and very smooth. Using the features of the application, exploring it’s menus, dashboards, streams and profiles is a genuinely positive and intuitive experience. The navigation between screens is responsive and fast, it doesn’t leave you hanging with tiresome loading screens, it just lets you use the app without interruption.

Main Screen

Main Screen

On top of all that, the way that Snapr presents pictures is gorgeous. It gives as much detail as possible, and lets the photos do the talking, giving them the almost-full-screen treatment they deserve. Obviously content is down to users, but there is also a big draw here: the photos are typically lush and impressive. It’s just a beautiful and fun app to use and interact with.

Comment, tag and share

Typical screen, with comment, tag and share elements.


Snapr places strong focus on location. The app can take note of your location when you take pictures, ultimately creating an global atlas of shared content. This grand map of recently taken photos can be viewed through the app itself via the ‘Map’ section, or online, where it delivers a full screen of user activity and cool photos.

There is also a section titled ‘Cities’, which shows the best shots from different cities around the world: New York, London, San Francisco, Paris, L.A., Tokyo, Berlin, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. What a cooler way to explore a potential holiday destination that flicking through delicious pics from the locals?

Cities, New York

Cities, New York

The app’s powerful search function lets you search by tags and by location. So, pop in the name of a town or city you’re interested in and it’ll give you a map-view of that location along with photos from that place. It’s blisteringly fast too, and feels very responsive – no waiting around for minutes at a time for maps to load.

Map view

Map view

Social Network

If you are starting to think Snapr is solely about location, you’d be mistaken. There is a huge social element to the app.

Firstly it lets you share your pics via most of the big social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Tumblr. This is, of course, in addition to posting it to the Snapr site itself, its own unique and polished platform.

Under the hood, it gets even better…

User profile

User profile

Snapr could practically be considered a social network in its own right. It has a real community feel and there’s lots to explore and interact with. With the photos themselves you can like and comment (or flag if need be). You can follow other users and be followed, gathering friends and people to share with as you go along.

It doesn’t stop there either. With the Likes system, photos are sorted into the most popular by Day, Week and All Time. This all makes for a rewarding and immersive experience with plenty of social interaction potential.

How Does Snapr Compare?

There is already a variety of photo-sharing apps on the Android Market, so how does Snapr fit in?

Snapr places a lot of emphasis on social interaction, so it compares well to the friendlier end of the photo-sharing spectrum alongside apps like Streamzoo. But it’s also focused on the locations and geography of the pics you share, which aligns it with newer apps such as Trover.



The app itself is also unmistakably lush to use, which reminds me of Lightbox. So in many ways it has the best features of similar apps, which is a really big win for the user. However, Snapr isn’t quite perfect…

Small Issues

Snapr suffers from a couple of very small niggles, one of which you’d expect from a new service and the other which can probably be rectified relatively quickly.

At the time of writing, the app has only been on the Market for about six weeks. This means the user base is still relatively small, and photos are few and far between. So, while the app is rich with potential, it’s perhaps not as rewarding socially as apps with bigger user numbers such as Streamzoo. While it goes some way to make up for this in terms of its other features, users might have to wait until the service picks up momentum and popularity to get the best from it.

Location Feed

Location Feed

Secondly is the issue with geo-location. Now, this only happened occasionally while I was testing the app, but it had a niggling habit of not picking up my location in some of the most interesting spots I visited! There seemed to be no obvious reason why – other services found me in exactly the same place – and there is no means inside the app to nudge the locator to find you. This is a little frustrating, but thankfully uncommon.


Snapr is a superb photo-sharing platform that deserves to grow in popularity. It blends great UI, social networking and geo-location tools into a service that is brilliant for mobile devices. It makes sharing pictures both fun and intuitive and provides an interesting mix of pictures from across the world that can all be explored. It’s not without its faults, but with some tweaking and popularity growth it could become a superb and essential platform. Definitely worth checking out.


Snapr is a cool photo-sharing platform with brilliant UI. Additionally it places smart focus on social interaction and geo-location. Although not completely faultless, the app is still very highly polished, easy to use and lots of fun.