Ultimate Guide for New Nexus 7 Owners: Best Apps, Games, Wallpapers and Accessories

The New Nexus 7 is upon us. With significantly updated specs compared to last year’s model and an appealing price point, along with Android 4.3, it’s going to be difficult to say no to this new gadget. Since many of you have already received their New Nexus 7 — or Nexus 7 FHD as Amazon is calling it — or have ordered it and are waiting patiently for the delivery truck, here are our best articles that should help you prepare before the arrival of your shiny new toy and fill it up with interesting content after it’s in your hands.

There are thousands of apps and ideas to try so you have your work cut out for you. We’ll also keep this list updated with any new content we publish later, so bookmark this page, come back to it later, and share it with friends.

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  • 20+ Favorite Accessories for Android Devices: this compilation is geared towards phones and tablets, and you’ll find a lot of helpful suggestions for your Nexus 7. A cheap universal stand, storage expansion ideas (despite the lack of a MicroSD slot), portable battery chargers, an intriguing stylus and brush, a nice gadget bag and several audio accessories.

Wallpapers and Customization



  • 50 Deeply Addictive Android Games: aimed at phones, but compatible with most tablets, this list contains 50 of the best (and sometimes least known) Android games. Don’t blame us for losing your productivity!
  • 15 Awesome Holo-Inspired Games: loving Holo? So are we! This is a compilation of vibrant and clean games that will simply feel at home on your Nexus 7.
  • 12 Old-School Point-and-Click Adventure Games: maybe you’re looking for a touch of retro? Curated by our resident gaming connoisseur, this list of games should keep you entertained, the old-school way.


While Google’s emphasis on the importance of tablet-optimized apps is only recent, we have been championing the hidden gems of the Play Store for a long time. Below, you will find a list of our best tablet app round-ups. We’ll be sure to publish more later on, but these should keep you occupied for now.

General Apps


Fun and Lifestyle

More Apps on my Playboard Channels

I have personally been curating Android tablet-optimized apps for over a year on Playboard. Every time I run across an interesting app with a nice tablet-friendly design, I add it to the appropriate channel and thus these are always up-to-date and always flourishing with new content. If you use Playboard, you can follow them, but if you don’t — you’re making a mistake because it’s an awesome Android app and game curation service — you can bookmark the links and check them regularly for new app suggestions.

Did you order or receive a New Nexus 7? Have a nifty app, game or accessory recommendation, or a useful tip? Leave a comment below.