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In today’s society the internet is one of the best resources for humor and people are constantly looking for funny pictures and media to make them laugh. However, despite having my Android device with me, there was a lack — in my opinion — of humor apps available on the platform. So I resorted to using my browser which just made the whole process of discovering and enjoying humorous content harder.

However, in the past few months two apps have been released with the high standards of design and usability that would make me use them on a regular basis. The first one is iGAG, linked to the 9GAG network and the second is Cheezburger, connected to the Cheezburger network. In the following article, I will explore both applications, highlighting the best features of each.


Everyone loves a good laugh, and many of us find “memes” hilarious. (In case you’re not familiar with memes, I’ll give you a brief introduction below.) If you, like me, can’t get enough of them, then read on to find my favourite meme-related Android apps.

(“X all the Y” meme image originally from Hyperbole and a Half.)