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It has been a big couple of weeks for Instagram. It launched on Android to a very warm reception – over five million downloads in six days – secured $50 million in funding, and then was purchased by Facebook for $1 billion (yes, with a B). That’s a lot of goings ons for a free app that just recently went multi-platform and isn’t even in its terrible twos.

But no matter what you think of the acquisition itself, there’s no denying that a lot can, and probably will, change for Instagram and its community over the coming months. Here I’m going to speculate a bit on what those changes may be.


In somewhat shocking news this week, Google announced that they would acquire Motorola Mobility. The company that bet it all on Android, making it the sole operating system on all of their smartphones, is now officially joining the Google family. There are many interpretations as to why Google and Motorola have agreed to this deal, but the primary motivation seems to be to protect and energize the Android operating system.