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Earlier this week, our resident gaming guru, Paul Wilks, shared his list of 50 most addictive games on Android. It included classics such as Tetris and Bejeweled, relatively new mainstream hits like Angry Birds and Draw Something as well as niche indie games like They Need To Be Fed and Monsters Ate My Condo.

Upon looking at his extensive roundup, and reading Paul’s explanation for why he got addicted to each of these games, I was reminded of my own pattern. I am no “gamer”, the only console I had was back when Contra and Duck Hunt were still popular, none of my phones had Snake, the last PC game I played was NBA 2000 and my current phone only has Temple Run. However, I am prone to big bursts of mobile gaming addictions. These only occur once or twice per year, and generally last a few weeks.

Between my Java years in 2003 and my Android device now, I remember being addicted to a handful of games. The classic Bounce was the first mobile game that gripped me on my Nokia 6610, then as I upgraded my devices, it was followed by Sky Force Reloaded, Domino Fever, Scrabble, Crosslogic Unlimited — where I finished all 1756 puzzles — and the 3 games I’ve played extensively on Android are Enjoy Sudoku, Solitaire Megapack and Jelly Defense.

That’s my pattern. I’ve probably tried over 500 mobile games in the past nine years, but I rarely get “addicted” to one. But what about you? Have you played some game on your phone or tablet that kept you awake until the wee hours? Or are you more of a console gamer?

I think it’s safe to say that most Android users have a favourite game. Whether you prefer puzzle games, titles from the arcade and action genre or perhaps sports simulations, there must be one that has, in some way, engrossed you.

I’ve had the privilege of writing Android reviews now for around eighteen months and have probably scribbled somewhere around 500 or more pieces on Android Appstorm and elsewhere. Of these, very many have been games and certain titles have stood out as being particularly addictive. Namely, the ones I carry on playing long after the review has been published.

So here, for your perusal, debate and discussion, are my top 50 addictive Android games. You should be warned that these can swallow your spare time without mercy, often leaving you groggy and disorientated, sometime after midnight and hours of hardcore playing. With that as a small warning, say goodbye to productivity and read on…


Galaxy Pool features a blend of familiar gameplay and addictive challenge. In a nutshell it’s a kind of space physics game where you must direct a small space craft in the direction of a planet. You will need to utilise strategy, guile, good timing and a liberal dose of good luck to traverse the various obstacle in the way and levels only get more challenging as you progress.

If you’re fond of games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope (and let’s be honest, enough people are), this might well be your next addiction!


This game was a huge hit on Kindle, Facebook, and Google+, and it’s now available for Android. So what is Triple Town? At its core its a match-3 game like Bejeweled, but with less emphasis on speed and more emphasis on strategy. This combination makes for a highly addictive, very clever puzzle game.