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We inhabit a digital world that is instant, on-demand, and unlimited. It seems strange, then, that a broadcaster-controlled form of media, once the only form of broadcasting available, should still be popular. I’m talking about radio, a method of transmission no longer restricted to airwaves, thanks to broadband and the ease of streaming it provides.

Whatever the reasoning, a large number of us still listen to radio, and we have a massive selection of stations to choose from, including many from across the globe. This is great, but there is one respect in which traditional radio still trumps its modern-day counterpart — convenience. The reality is that it’s easier to switch on a radio and flick through the auto-tuned channels than it is to navigate many internet radio apps.

Maybe RadiON can provide an exception to this rule. Though it packs just as many stations as other apps in this genre — “over 50,000” is the claim — RadiON has a vintage-inspired style, as well as various alarm clocks and music collection features, all delivered for the modest price of $0.99. Is this enough to provide internet radio with analogue radio’s advantages, though?


“Radio” to the majority of us seems like an old technology. Nowadays most people only listen to the FM radio occasionally in the car to drain away the mindless hours. And for the younger generation, it is only ever listened to as a last resource after TV, music players and countless other entertainment options.

Admittedly, I don’t listen to the radio as much as I should. Radio shows have a lot to offer, and some of them have really enticed and intrigued me in the past, making me wonder about the world and society as we know them. That’s why I looked for a encouragement to use it more. So I decided to get Nexus 7 to help me and fortunately, I came across TuneIn Radio, a brilliant Android radio app!


One of the first apps I ever bought for my first Android phone was Gentle Alarm – an excellent alarm clock app that I still use today.

I love the pre-alarm that plays (quietly) half an hour before the real alarm goes off, in case I’m almost awake. I love the ability to pick different playlists for my main alarm and pre-alarm. I love the mental arithmetic puzzles it makes me solve before I can turn it off (I’m getting pretty fast now). I love that I can adjust the next day’s alarm time with a couple of taps, without it having a permanent effect.

But I know other people prize other features of their alarm clocks. Matthew Higgins likes his alarm to record and analyse his sleep patterns. Ruairi likes his alarm to have a beautiful design. And many just like their alarm to make a noise at a set time in the morning — nothing more.

What about you?

Being awoken by your alarm at some ungodly hour in the morning is never a pleasant experience, but doubleTwist’s latest app aims to fix that. With a beautiful UI, all new functionality and an amazing UI, can it change people’s attitude towards alarms?

doubleTwist is most definitely not a newcomer to the Android app scene, with their media playback app doubleTwist Player still resting comfortably in the Top Android Apps chart. (It’s also old enough to have been reviewed twice here at Android.AppStorm.) But their latest app fills a gap that most people didn’t even know existed: the need for a beautiful alarm clock.


More than half of us claim to have had trouble sleeping a few nights each week, and an awful lot more wake up some mornings feeling rotten, exhausted and wanting to go back to bed. Science has pinned down how and why this happens and lifestyle magazines and blogs are littered with simple ways you can make yourself sleep better and feel better the next morning.

Using your phone to track your sleep probably isn’t going to be the first thing that pops into your head, but here are three quick and simple things you can do to help yourself, and three apps you can try to help you beat insomnia, analyze your personal sleep cycle, and wake up peacefully and comfortably the next morning.