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It has a been a good year for cloud storage, and music is no exception.

First, we saw the launch of Amazon Cloud Player, which gives you 5GB of cloud storage and lets you stream your music via a web browser or just about any smartphone. You can also purchase songs and have them stored for free in the cloud.

Earlier this year, we wondered whether Google was planning their own music store for Android. Details soon emerged that Google was at least looking at creating a music storage locker similar to Amazon Cloud Player. As expected, record labels seemed to be the anchor on the boat. Even as Google Music launched in beta and completely without the backing of the major labels, it was unclear how far things would go.

Now, Google Music is out of beta and open to the public. You can upload up to 20,000 songs to the cloud and stream them to your Android device or anything that has a web browser, including your home computer or laptop. Like most Google services, this all comes absolutely free. All you have to do is sign up and start uploading your tracks using Google’s Music Manager.

Besides opening the doors to the masses, there is one more thing: you can now actually buy music from Google. Music is available for purchase via the Android Music Store, now part of the Android Market on your mobile device or web browser. (more…)

Perhaps you’re wondering why there’s been no full review of Amazon Cloud Player on Android.AppStorm? It’s because we’re waiting to see whether Amazon is going to be allowed to continue. Last week, the streaming music app Grooveshark was kicked off the Android Market, and we’re wondering whether the same thing will happen to Cloud Player.


As we reported yesterday, Amazon Cloud Player for Android was released this week. It lets you store your music library in the cloud, and download any track to your phone at any time. Great concept, although it’s only available in the USA at the moment.

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