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It’s hard to separate 5 Ants Games from Rovio Entertainment, the makers of Angry Birds and… Well, a lot of Angry Birds. The partnership between the two is bringing 5 Ants a lot of exposure, but it might not bring them longevity. That’s a shame, because it should. Their games are rightly getting great critical attention. I’m not the first to say it, but I certainly won’t be the last: Tiny Thief, their latest game, is a good way to pass an afternoon.

Tiny Thief is a side-scrolling puzzle game that encourages you to be a thief. Think of it like a more colourful, strategized version of Aladdin — without the musical. Is it worth your time? Read on to find out.


Let me start by saying this: I am a huge Star Wars fan. I love the movies, I love the collectibles, I love the video games. So of course when Rovio announced they were making a Star Wars themed Angry Birds game, I was all over it. I kept looking at video clips and screenshots while patiently awaiting the release date. And then it came, and I quickly picked it up.

With Angry Birds Star Wars, I double dipped a little bit; I played on both the iPad and my Nexus 7. I have already reviewed the iPad version on iPad.Appstorm but let’s see how well it does on Android.


Angry Birds is a tough act to follow. Little surprise, then, that for two and a half years after its release, Rovio stuck to more iterations of the same franchise: Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space.

Amazing Alex is Rovio’s first new franchise since the one that made it famous, and personally, I love it. This game retains the same essence as Angry Birds, but improves upon it. Don’t get me wrong – I love Angry Birds, but Amazing Alex has captivated me more than that ever did. Let’s see how!


Galaxy Pool features a blend of familiar gameplay and addictive challenge. In a nutshell it’s a kind of space physics game where you must direct a small space craft in the direction of a planet. You will need to utilise strategy, guile, good timing and a liberal dose of good luck to traverse the various obstacle in the way and levels only get more challenging as you progress.

If you’re fond of games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope (and let’s be honest, enough people are), this might well be your next addiction!


If you haven’t heard of Dude Perfect, it definitely time you checked them out. Essentially they are a excited rabble of YouTubers who pull off some truly incredible basketball trick shots. Have a look at their YouTube channel but be sure to come back, okay?

Back? Great! The Dudes thought it high time to release an official mobile game based on their bodacious basketballing exploits. Dude Perfect, available on both Android and iOS, is the result, and it’s a neat little game that fans of titles like Angry Birds should be flocking to.

Essentially it’s your turn to complete some genuinely awesome basketball shots in a variety of diverse locations. But is it actually ‘perfect’? Read on for my analysis…

You’ve got your new Android phone set up with some essential apps installed. Everything is set up just how you want it, but it’s the end of the day and you just want to waste some time. So what’s next? Games!

There’s a wide variety of games for the Android platform, a lot of them from EA’s Mobile division. Whether you’re looking for fun games to spend hours on or just a viral one to waste a few minutes, there’s probably something for you. Let’s hit play… (more…)