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Good news: it’s time to say goodbye to those sleepless nights wondering whether Apple and Amazon’s clash of the app stores will ever end, although Google Latitude’s going to be on the way out. Let’s take a look at this very software-themed week in the world of Android! (more…)

I have seen countless applications released on Android months or even years later than on iOS. This seems to be a strange choice for the developers to take, as statistics show that it may actually harm their profits. In this article I will discuss my views, and share the evidence that supports them.


We’ve heard a lot about Android’s popularity; it’s a machine that’s clearly outpacing its rivals like Apple’s iOS… in market share. It seems that, although Android is super popular and great at attracting customers, it loses support from other parties that are vital to the success of the OS, like developers.

Why does Android have such a hard time winning over developers? More importantly, how can they win over the developers? Well, let’s take a quick look at the state of Android for developers right now. (more…)

Now that smartphones are the next big thing, a war is erupting between major players to grab a huge userbase and huge profits at the same time. As always, Apple wants a piece of everything, while Google plays dirty by undercutting Apple as and when it can. Their latest area of contention is subscription and in-app payments.

While Apple’s policy created a huge uproar in the digital universe, Google’s policy on subscriptions was welcomed a bit, but largely got eclipsed by the negative press Apple was getting. So how does this is going to affect us, the consumer?