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Christmas morning is here and we all feel the same excitement while rushing to check the gifts under the tree. As geeks and technology addicts, we’re hoping for gadgets and more gadgets, especially the Android kind. We’re not picky either, we’ll take anything from a phone to a tablet, an NVIDIA Shield, or an Android TV Stick.

If you’re lucky enough to be a recipient of such gear, you’re certainly excited to set it up and load it with excellent apps and games. Or maybe, this is your first foray into the Android ecosystem and you have no idea how and where to get started. That’s why we’ve combed through the hundreds of posts we published this year to roundup the best content for you.

From apps to games, how-tos, and opinions, you’ll find enough articles here to last you weeks. So get your browser tabs ready for an onslaught of articles, press that power button on your shiny new gadget and follow us down this wonderfully geeky journey. But keep in mind that we are not responsible for the amount of time you spend glued to your screen and away from your family today!


By now, the Glass Explorers Program is in full swing; websites are producing more and more articles on Google’s latest ‘experiment’ and the product is generating a lot of buzz. I was lucky enough to get into the Explorers Program (thanks to this tweet) and have been using Google Glass for a few weeks now. I’ve been formulating a lot of thoughts about it: how it is to wear, what I can use it for now, what it will be useful for with the right apps, etc. I’m going to talk about all of that and more in this article.


It has been a while since we looked at apps that can be used to automate tasks on your Android phone or tablet so I thought it was time to rectify the situation. In a never-ending quest to make my life as easy as possible, I’ve tried everything from Tasker to AutomateIt.

I love to automate things. Love it. I use filters in Gmail to organize my inbox and IFTTT is a service I just can’t recommend highly enough. I use it to manage emails, news feeds, cloud storage backups and much more – all without having to lift a finger. Profile Flow brings the same idea to Android.


During the month of May, we’ve looked at various ways to keep Android and iOS in sync. We started with the essentials, by exploring ways to sync your emails, contacts and calendar. We then looked at media and various solutions to replicate your photos, videos and music across both platforms, and a selection of useful apps to sync daily content such as news, articles, tasks, notes, financials, passwords and documents, using third party cloud-based services.

However, even though the first three parts were great ways of keeping both devices in sync, using iOS and Android together has limitations. In this last part, we’ll look at the various elements that prevent proper sync between the two platforms, lead to frustration due to differences in user experience or problems resulting from the application stores respective to each platform.

A while back I did a roundup of Multimedia App for Android Tablets. You may have noticed that missing from that list were music apps, but fear not; I have not forgotten about music apps — as a matter of fact I love music. There are so many great music apps for Android tablets that instead of lumping them in with other multimedia apps, we decided to dedicate a roundup strictly to them. Here, we’re going to look at streaming, discovery, syncing, and even playing apps that work very well on your Nexus 7, 10 or other Android tablet.


It’s Christmas morning today which means that a lot of you have woken up to some awesome gifts under the tree. If you’ve been good throughout the year, we hope you got some nice Android gear to finish 2012 and start 2013 in style. Whether it’s a new phone or tablet, or maybe even an Android TV stick — I bought one but it hasn’t been delivered yet! — you’re most likely looking at your new gadget and wondering where to start and how to get its true potential.

That’s why we decided to give you an easy-to-check summary of our best articles of 2012. So grab your shiny new gadget and follow us down this wonderfully geeky journey. A fair warning though: you might end up neglecting the family time and drowning in a sea of apps and games!


Here at AppStorm, we love games! Why not relax for a minute and find a fantastic new game to enjoy – hopefully these roundups will help you out.







Today is Thanksgiving day in the United States, a holiday normally geared towards celebrating and appreciating all that we have been granted in this life. But given our passion for mobile technology, we decided to focus on that and share with you the apps we are most thankful for.

Since this is a very personal choice, I didn’t want this roundup to be limited to the regular culprits of Evernote, Kindle, Dropbox, and the likes — of course we are thankful for these services and the amount of effort that goes into making them available on Android! Instead, I asked our writers to share the little gems they have found, local or niche apps, that normally wouldn’t make it into a full review on Android.Appstorm, but that have made a difference to their everyday life.


Mapsaurus is a rich and easy to use discovery application that presents app recommendations in a rich, visual format. If you are reading this right now, it’s probably safe to assume you take an interest in new and exciting apps and games and, as such, I’m sure you’re already aware of applications that help you find the latest and greatest titles in the Google Play Store.

Mapsaurus is one such application, but instead of insipid lists of apps for you to randomly peruse, it displays recommendations in a really cool way.


Are you a Windows user? Are you preparing to upgrade to the long-awaited Windows 8, do you use a Windows Phone? If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes” then Windows.AppStorm is for you!

Head over to check out all of the new app reviews, roundups, and more – here are a few of the most recent articles to give you an idea of the treats that are in store!

Windows.AppStorm offers reviews and roundups covering the entire Windows ecosystem, including Windows Phone 7, and games, along with tips and tricks to get the most from Windows.

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