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Google’s Chrome OS has been in public circulation for over six months in the form of Chromium, and is now¬†available bundled with hardware as “Chromebooks” from Samsung and Acer have hit the market. The single function computing platform has caused quite a stir concerning its lackluster power and prowess when compared to the likes of machines running Windows, Apple’s OS X or even iOS and Android devices.

So, how is Google splitting their focus between two separate operating systems?


I love the cloud. Last month I factory-reset my phone, and all my emails and Market-bought apps downloaded back on to it automatically. When I switch computers, Chrome will set itself up with all my bookmarks and passwords. And I don’t know what I’d do without Evernote giving me remote access to every thought I’ve written down and website I’ve clipped over the past few years.

The cloud is fantastic — and yet it’s flawed. What happens if I need to read something stored there while I’m on a long underground journey? Or if I’ve got a 300MB file but am on a slow Internet connection? Or when the server storing my entire MP3 collection goes down? Sometimes you can’t beat portable storage. But I don’t want to carry a USB hard drive around with me all the time…

Enter the Atrix. (more…)

2011 has been a big year for Android. Okay, I’ll admit that it’s not even March yet but with Mobile World Congress and CES, a lot of the big announcements have been made by phone manufacturers. Sure, there’ll be new phones throughout the year but with so many groundbreaking announcements already, it wouldn’t be right to go ahead without rounding them up.

In the last two months, Android’s main adopters have already released or announced a whole range of new tables, dual-core phones, 3D devices, and even one phone with dual touch screens for better multitasking. (more…)