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I have been a big fan of Basecamp from 37signals for years now. I think it’s the best project management system; easy to use, you don’t need to log in to use it (thanks to email integration), and it has some great features. Plus it’s mobile! Well…it was until they upgraded to Basecamp Next, which got a new API and a new design that doesn’t have a mobile friendly interface. This was a big bummer for me. Luckily, Everest came to the rescue.


Many companies and individuals use Basecamp to organize their tasks and projects, assign them to different people, communicate between each other and keep track of ideas and deadlines. However, unfortunately, Basecamp has long been limited to a web application, with no easy access on mobile platforms. Given that Basecamp is a part of my job, I fiddled with a few Android application alternatives, but they were either dreadful to look at or work on – often neglected apps stuck with little functionality and no recent updates. 

Enter Camper, a free and beautiful Android application that started small around the end of last year but has been updated very regularly over the past months to reach an almost perfect state.


Whether you are a professional who charges clients by the hour, or a productivity geek simply out to evaluate and analyze the time you spend on things, tracking time is a pretty mundane and potentially irritating activity. Of course, there are a lot of ways on the desktop and the web that you can make things easier – from simple spreadsheets to dedicated time tracking apps or full-fledged project management suites. But all of these methods have been traditionally computer-focused and are not best suited for when you are out and about.

If you’re always out and about, or simply use your Android smartphone a lot, you probably like to get things done on the handset and would like an easy way to track time on the go as well. If so, this is a good place to start. Rounded up below are a bunch of apps that you can use on your phone to track the time you spend on projects or pretty much anything else you might want to keep track of.