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DSP Manager is a fantastic application which can be used to achieve vibrating bass even with your stock headphones.

DSP Manager is like the HTC Beats sound enhancer, but taken to a whole new level. Sadly, this awesome application is not available in the Google Play store and you will need to put in a little bit more effort in order to get it working for your phone. Why? Because it’s part of CyanogenMod and will not work on stock ROMs by default.

However, in this article, I’ll show you how you can install the app on vanilla Android and HTC Sense, which should help you get it running on your own device regardless of which ROM you’re running – as long as you have root access.


Today, Dean Sherwin gave his opinion about HTC’s recent announcement that they would team up with Dr. Dre’s Beats Electronics to add its sound capabilities to their phones.

Brendan has strong opinions on this topic, but I suspect these are not shared by all of our readers. It’s important to clarify the question, though: yes, many people use their smartphone as their only portable MP3 player, so it makes sense to improve the sound capabilities (much like how phone cameras get better and better which each iteration). But is that the only reason for HTC’s new arrangement?

I don’t personally draw an immediate connection between HTC and Dr. Dre; “quietly brilliant” and “**** tha Police” don’t quite gel. This is largely where the calls of “sellout” come from: HTC partnering with someone they wouldn’t usually be associated with, to generate publicity and reach a larger audience. If they had simply announced that they were working on improving their audio technology because they thought that mobile users would appreciate it, they would not have received as much attention.

But perhaps I’m being unfair. Maybe HTC did decide that audio was their next important area to tackle, realised they’d be better off partnering with an existing technology company than trying to develop something from scratch, and found that Beats was both high quality and willing to do business. What do you think? Vote in the poll, and leave your opinions in the comments.

The word ‘sellout’ is thrown around a lot lately. It seems just about every time a writer, YouTuber, blogger or artist tries to make some cash from their creations they’re accused of going corporate, selling their soul to the devil, and becoming too ‘mainstream’ for the hipsters. I hate these labels not because they bear down on the sorry soul who tried to validate their work with currency, but because they’re normally applied by those who’d kill to have skill so they too could ‘sell out’.

You can imagine the Tom & Jerry style fiasco that kicked off inside me when I applied the same label to my favourite phone manufacturer, HTC.