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Samsung announces Samsung S4 sales figure, T-Mobile begins free data plan for tablets, HTC teases upcoming wearables and BlackBerry Messenger launches on Android. Oh, and Apple may or may not have updated their juggernaut tablet competition. Let’s check out this week in Android! (more…)

Google I/O week is a time in which we’re always promised a bunch of news from everyone’s favourite Mountain View-based company. While some rumoured announcements, especially in regards to hardware, failed to show, the week was still filled with a whole host of interesting Android news. Let’s jump in and take a look! (more…)

A few weeks ago, Joe Casabona wrote an article here detailing the main reasons he loves Android and chooses it over other platforms, with his focus being on the openness of the ecosystem and its advantages towards developers. Although I agree with Joe’s point of view, I have to admit that the reason I moved to Android in the first place was a lot more selfish.

I was a veteran Symbian user but, as a pharmacist, I needed access to more medical applications which Symbian’s Store failed to provide. Medscape‘s availability on Android was the app that made the balance tip and I went for Android. That was a year ago, almost to the day.

However, over this year, I started carefully venturing into rooting, custom ROMs and the modding scene. Just then, Android (excuse the corny metaphor) opened itself to me like a beautiful rose. I love customizing my experiences, especially on mobiles, and Android literally blew me away with how much you can change in order to suit your personality.


Why Are We Still Using Hardware Keyboards? Of course, when asking that question here, i’m referring to the little keys that reside underneath certain phone’s screens – certain phones like those in RIM’s line. RIM’s future doesn’t look that good, especially with the growth in Android and iOS devices that opt for a large touchscreen in lieu of some small, tacky keys.

However, HTC took a U-turn and created the HTC ChaCha (or “the Facebook phone”, as some call it). The ChaCha is an Android 2.3.3 device that comes complete with QWERTY keyboard and dedicated Facebook buttons, even though it also features the common capacitive navigation buttons below the screen.

Is a hardware keyboard worth the cost of a smaller screen size? And why would you not just stick with the now-standard touch interface? Let’s discuss. (more…)

Back in March, there were several rumours that BlackBerry’s Messenger service would launch on both Android and iPhone in an effort to maintain the service’s popularity, even if the device market share shrinks. I’ve always puzzled over the exact attraction of RIM’s smartphone platform. I don’t get it. Why are these things so darn popular? It turns out their popularity amongst teenagers comes mainly down to this service, so I did a little research. (more…)

Android Market is second only to the Apple App Store when it comes to the number of apps listed for sale. This is a huge feat considering the troubles developers have to endure with the Android Market: a spotty payment system, unfettered piracy and poor promotion by Google. Still, the number of quality apps in the Android market is steadily increasing.

Recently Myriad, a popular mobile technology company, has announced that they have developed a solution that allows Android apps to run on other smartphone platforms like Blackberry OS and Meego. Let us take a look at how this technology could disrupt the Android Ecosystem. (more…)