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Back in its heyday, Xmarks was something of a revelation, providing web users with the incredibly useful ability to synchronize bookmarks between computers. The tool started life as a browser addon called Foxmarks, but soon developed into a utility that encompassed other browsers as well. The later ability to sync passwords was something that was also welcomed all round.

However, it was not long before this form of data synchronization became a standard feature of browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. After being purchased by LastPass, Xmarks lived on as a browser extension as well as a tool for various mobile platforms, including Android. Here, we will take a look at what Xmarks for Premium Customer has to offer.


One of the many great things about Android, particularly when it comes to comparison with iOS, is the fact that the operating system is almost endlessly customizable. If you don’t like the launcher your phone or tablet came with, there are countless others to choose from.

However, despite a few differences here and there, the basic idea behind many launchers and homescreen organizers is essentially the same. If you have a large number of icons that you need access to, this can mean that you end up getting a thumb workout as you scroll back and forth through screens. Imgy is here to give your thumb a rest and provide you with virtually unlimited amount of homescreen space.