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I’m a movie and TV show fanatic. I could sit on my couch all day long and watch one show after another. In fact, I do that whenever I get a chance. For a couch potato, the problem these days isn’t the availability of content, on the contrary, there’s an abundance of scripted and original material. The problem arises when I try to find a new show or movie to watch. Discoverability is so broken, that valuable time is wasted searching for new content. Recommendations are confined to lists, which are very Web 1.0 and don’t take into account my personal taste and interests.

Enter GetGlue who have been hard at work for a few years now, trying to recommend entertainment based on what users already like and dislike. After doing a commendable job with their web and iOS apps, GetGlue brought their expertise in suggestions and check-ins to Android users.


It seems now that everyone and their mother has an e-reader – and why not? E-readers eliminate all of the headaches that come with paperbacks, and replace them with new technological features.

But e-readers like the Nook and the Kindle aren’t the only thing bringing reading into the 21st century: there are many apps that do anything from recommending books to allowing you to save web content for later reading on your mobile device. So read on to find how to make your Android device the ultimate reader’s companion.


Back in February last year, Google made a pretty big step by bringing the Android Market to the web through your browser, aiding the discovery and installation of apps off-device. And at other various points in recent history, the company has introduced music services, as well as accompanying marketplaces for books and movies. They’ve all been available, but as individual services that’s caused one big mess and forever shown how Apple’s simplistic approach has reigned superior.

No longer, as Google has introduced Google Play, tying together the various Google storefronts into one location with shelves for music, movies, apps, games and books. In addition to simply consolidating everything (which is already a major improvement), Google have taken some inspiration from iCloud and enforced an “everything, everywhere” mantra. In this article, we’re going to review Google’s updated service’s web app.


Whether it’s at the actual bus stop, or somewhere completely different, you’ve probably experienced a time when there’s a need for casual entertainment to while away the minutes. Boredom is a horrible plague that normally seems uncureable. But, with the dawning of smartphone apps, an entire gaming and entertainment system is built right into a device you take around with you every day.

The Android Market hosts a selection of application categories that can aid your boredom-fighting times, including games, entertainment applications and media. In this review, we’ll be covering some of our favourite apps from these categories in order to banish boredom forever! (more…)

Google are now selling ebooks through the Android Market. Check it out via this link. (If it goes to the Market homepage, then ebooks aren’t available in your country yet.)

On paper, this is not a big deal; Google have been selling ebooks through the Google eBookstore for months, and a free Android app to let you read them has been on the Market for just as long. But let’s look at the bigger picture…


Audible has been the face of audiobooks for the past decade and has now made its way to the Android platform.  As a dedicated application, Audible brings a complete experience, which Android users have been missing, for mobile bookworms everywhere.

Audible was introduced last year, filling the void of a true audiobook manager within the stock Android music player. Compared to Android’s lifelong rival iOS, the little green robot had no answer for the iTunes integration with audiobooks. The dedicated Audible application is the robust solution mobile audio-bookworms have been waiting for.