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Planning a holiday can be a momentous job. For the trip to be a success, everything needs to be planned and all the costs have to be accounted for. And if anything is forgotten, disaster and disappointment could rear their ugly head. Another big problem is overpricing – many people try to avoid paying too much for anything while planning their trips. Enter Kayak which aims to solve these problems.

Transferred over from the highly successful website, Kayak is now available on Android in both tablet and phone form. This thorough and well-made application is, in my opinion, one of the best holiday planners around.


LinkedIn has about 135 million users. When compared to Facebook’s 800 million, that may not seem like a lot – but the people on LinkedIn aren’t talking about what they had for lunch. This is an app to help you connect with real business professionals at conferences and meetings when Facebook or Twitter is too informal.

The LinkedIn Android app helps you stay in touch with your business partners and potential leads on the go. I recently attended a conference on innovation and thought the people there would be tech-saavy enough to have moved beyond the traditional business card, so I got my phone ready to do some 21st century networking.


Accepting credit card payments in your small business can be a huge hassle. However, with the average customer becoming less and less likely to have enough cash or a check handy, it is a necessary addition to any business. Square makes it easy, by allowing you to take credit card payments directly through your phone. And want to know the best part? The card reader and the app are both free!

Learn how Square will help expand your business, and allow you to reach a wider spectrum of customers, either in your store or on the go. (more…)

If you are a frequent traveler, FlightAware might sound familiar to you. Why? It’s the biggest live flight tracking website on the web! However, for those of you who are staring blankly at your screen, I’ll go into more detail. FlightAware, founded back in 2005, was the first company to offer free flight tracking services for both private and commercial air traffic in the United States. It quickly became the most popular flight tracking service in the world and on the web.

Airlines and other aviation businesses rely on FlightAware to provide live flight data, airport information, weather maps, flight planning, and navigation charts, as well as aviation news and photos. They also power operational management and dispatch software, airport flight information displays (FIDS), and provides reporting data to aircraft and airport operators.

After success via the world and the web, the company moved into the mobile industry by creating Flight Tracker for iOS, Blackberry and Windows. Now, at last, it’s Android’s turn!

I am a huge Google fan and a huge fan of Android OS. While I admit that the iPhone changed the smartphone market (how could I not), I still think that iOS leaves a lot to be desired, and that Android is a far superior mobile OS for many reasons.

However, a lot of people have trouble seeing that because of what the tech world now calls fragmentation – the fact that Android is on so many different devices. This has proven to be a challenge for Google because you may get a subpar device running Android, which reflects poorly on the OS. It’s for this reason (mainly) that I’m excited about the recent deal for Google to purchase Motorola’s mobile arm, Motorola Mobility.


In somewhat shocking news this week, Google announced that they would acquire Motorola Mobility. The company that bet it all on Android, making it the sole operating system on all of their smartphones, is now officially joining the Google family. There are many interpretations as to why Google and Motorola have agreed to this deal, but the primary motivation seems to be to protect and energize the Android operating system.


Business simulation tycoon games have been around for a while. The idea of letting users manage the various aspects of a business in order to successfully achieve goals lends itself to some seriously immersive gaming. Unfortunately, the sheer complexity and learning curve keeps most games in this genre from gaining mass appeal. Very few tycoon games succeed in maintaining the balance between approachability and complexity. Game Dev Story by Kairosoft is one such gem.

In Game Dev Story, the game developers put you in their own shoes, tasking you with running a game development studio, building games and keeping your fans happy for decades. You would think a game development team would know what goes in building a successful gaming business. They do indeed, and execute the concept with great energy, a fine eye for detail and some very subtle but unmistakable humor to boot.


Does your company need good internal communication? If yes, how do you go about achieving it? There’s Skype and Google Talk, but neither of these are very efficient at group conversations, and a lot of communication in a company must be received and understood by a group of people. Inviting everyone to a Skype chat is laborious, and on Google Talk — forget about it.

However, a third option allows easy group conversations with minimal effort. This application is called HipChat.


As an aspiring journalist and writer you can rightly assume that the current situation in Libya, Syria and Yemen has me constantly checking my phone for updates. I’m also following top journalists who are in the thick of the action on Twitter.

I think news applications have started to get stale since their first incarnations on Android. Even Pulse isn’t exactly doing it for me anymore. Understandable I guess; I mean, the news doesn’t exactly excite the general population like other genres might. Yet it’s an important cornerstone in any country. Finding, sharing and critiquing as fast as possible is what 21st century journalism is all about.

I normally use several applications to get my news throughout the day (and night): Al Jazeera, BBC and Pulse, to name but a few. They all do a fine job at delivering it to me but when I discovered a different application that had so much more to offer they were quickly removed from my homescreen and relegated to the abyss that is the main menu, lost in a sea of other rejected applications I haven’t gotten around to purging yet.

You know the old adage, “Time is Money”? These words couldn’t be more true for us freelancers who get paid based on the amount of time we spend on a project. Good time tracking and invoicing software is important; it needs to allow for client and project management and invoice generation, and it needs to be mobile. The Time Tracker for Harvest Android app aims to be your best friend when it comes to time tracking by doing just that.