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Google Voice was initially released to a small group of people who had signed up to receive an invite and be involved in product testing. I was one of those few…and I loved it. 

Initially I jumped on it for its visual voice mail implications but soon realized its true potential. Not only can it store your voice mails on your email with its translation to text but it allows you to have it ring multiple devices. The ability to ring your work, home or mobile with the same number is why a lot of small businesses love it. It has now been opened up to the (US) masses and has really taken off. (more…)

Call forwarding is the diversion of a call that Wikipedia defines as allowing “an incoming call to a called party, which would be otherwise unavailable, to be redirected to a mobile telephone or other telephone number where the desired called party is situated”. However, it’s a lot simpler than that sounds — basically, we’re talking about redirecting an incoming call to another phone number.

On Android, there are a couple of different ways that you can forward calls, including the ability to forward missed call information to an email address. This is especially useful if you left your phone at home before your commute to work, or if you just lost your phone but still want to keep on top of things. Let’s take a look at some applications to help in these situations. (more…)