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Compared to iOS in the distant past, Android wasn’t really that much of a gaming platform, as it lacked the diversity of apps and the more powerful hardware to play them on. Now however, Android has a massive 25 billion downloads to date, a figure Apple hit only half a year ago, showing how much Google’s ecosystem has developed as more and more people begin to use the software.

But what I’m mostly interested in are racing games. Being both an iOS and Android user, I found my fair share of quality racers present on the iOS App Store, so I was curious to see if the Play Store could match up. I was pleasantly surprised to find that most if not all of my favorite iOS racers were here on Android, as well as some games I hadn’t seen before. Below, I will take a look at the 10 Android racing games that were a cut above the rest.


Planning a holiday can be a momentous job. For the trip to be a success, everything needs to be planned and all the costs have to be accounted for. And if anything is forgotten, disaster and disappointment could rear their ugly head. Another big problem is overpricing – many people try to avoid paying too much for anything while planning their trips. Enter Kayak which aims to solve these problems.

Transferred over from the highly successful website, Kayak is now available on Android in both tablet and phone form. This thorough and well-made application is, in my opinion, one of the best holiday planners around.


Sports car enthusiasts often compare cars based on their straight-line performance, and while there’s much more to them than simply acceleration, the popularity of drag racing can be seen in many aspects of popular culture, like the movie franchise “The Fast and The Furious”. The idea is simple: take your car over a pre-determined distance before your opponents to win. In practice however, there are many variables and factors that determine a vehicle’s speed: forced induction or naturally aspirated engine? front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive? These are just a few of the decisions that one needs to make when building the ultimate drag racing machine.

Drag Racing is an Android-only game which takes many of the elements of car tuning and drag racing and makes for an addictive game which is great on the go for those spare moments you may have.


A little overshadowed by the announcement of a certain updated tablet, car manufacturer Saab announced at the start of the month that its cars may become the first to run Android, in the form of their new onboard infotainment system, IQon.

While this is still in its beta phase, it is a very interesting announcement, particularly in the promise of an upcoming API for developers, including no less than 500 incoming signals from the vehicle, like current speed, temperatures and location.

Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities.