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CES 2012

The Consumer Electronics Show showed off many different Android devices, including a handful of new phones and new tablets. However, while those devices headlined Android’s appearance at the show, hardware manufactures also introduced new uses of the operating system on devices including watches and webcams.

Let’s take a look at those devices…


The Consumer Electronics Show has just ended in Las Vegas, leaving a week of Android announcements behind. One category that took prominence at the show was tablets, mainly those powered by Android, including ones from ASUS, Samsung and Acer.

After yesterday’s look at new Android phones, today we’ll take a look at the tablet announcements from the show.


The Consumer Electronics Show has just finished, ending a week of technology demonstrations. This year did bring fewer headlining Android announcements, with Windows Phone 7 devices, Ultrabooks and TVs sharing the spotlight, but there’s still some significant news which we’ll look at over a few posts.

Let’s start off with the new Android phones…