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Earlier today, we published our CES news round-up. Amongst the most impressive new devices, Sony’s Xperia Z and ZL marked the arrival of 1080p screens and 13MP cameras in mainstream high-end phones, whereas NVIDIA’s Project Shield heralded Android’s imminent expansion in the portable gaming consoles.

However, I have learned in the past couple of years to set low expectations for this Las Vegas-based electronics show. It seems as though most companies treat it like a stepping stone for the year to come. A few will try to make a splash with a new product, but most will take their time to perfect it for a later announcement, at Mobile World Congress or even a private event.

What did you think of CES? Did you feel charmed by Project Shield? Does the new Xperia Z lineup make you want to open your wallet immediately? How about the other announcements, did they measure up to your excitement and expectations?

This week saw the Consumer Electronics Show — or CES — take place in Las Vegas, an annual gathering of the technology industry to show off the latest and greatest. As with recent years, a big focus has been on Android and the evolving smartphone and tablet landscape. In this special edition of This Week In Android, we’re going to take a look at some of the show’s big announcements and call out a few of our favourites.


The Consumer Electronics Show showed off many different Android devices, including a handful of new phones and new tablets. However, while those devices headlined Android’s appearance at the show, hardware manufactures also introduced new uses of the operating system on devices including watches and webcams.

Let’s take a look at those devices…


The Consumer Electronics Show has just ended in Las Vegas, leaving a week of Android announcements behind. One category that took prominence at the show was tablets, mainly those powered by Android, including ones from ASUS, Samsung and Acer.

After yesterday’s look at new Android phones, today we’ll take a look at the tablet announcements from the show.


The Consumer Electronics Show has just finished, ending a week of technology demonstrations. This year did bring fewer headlining Android announcements, with Windows Phone 7 devices, Ultrabooks and TVs sharing the spotlight, but there’s still some significant news which we’ll look at over a few posts.

Let’s start off with the new Android phones…

Right now, the Consumer Electronics Show is being held in Los Angeles. Plenty of Android devices have been shown off so far – we’ll have a roundup of the tablets and smartphones once the show is over – but which are you most looking forward to holding in your hands?

For my money, the Galaxy Nexus and ASUS Transformer Prime are the best bets for Most Popular Hardware, but admittedly this is playing it safe: those devices have already been released!

So, ignoring those, what else is there? Well, there’s the Sony Xperia Ion and Xperia S, for starters: slim, candy-bar devices with huge 720p displays and a 12MP camera, soon to run Ice Cream Sandwich. And Vizio are showing off their new 10″ tablet, with a very stylish look: sharp corners, rather than the curved edges we’ve come to expect.

Tablets and phones aren’t the only Android devices being demonstrated. Sony’s new Walkman Z music player will be powered by Android (and allow access to the Android Market); Polaroid have made an Android camera with Wi-Fi connectivity, and the i’m watch will put Android on your wrist.

Plenty to look forward to, but what are you excited about? Vote in the poll and leave a comment to let us know.

2011 has been a big year for Android. Okay, I’ll admit that it’s not even March yet but with Mobile World Congress and CES, a lot of the big announcements have been made by phone manufacturers. Sure, there’ll be new phones throughout the year but with so many groundbreaking announcements already, it wouldn’t be right to go ahead without rounding them up.

In the last two months, Android’s main adopters have already released or announced a whole range of new tables, dual-core phones, 3D devices, and even one phone with dual touch screens for better multitasking. (more…)

For much of 2010, the iPad was regarded as the superior tablet to many and its rivals found it hard to take any of that market share away from it. However, most of the major players in the Android market decided it would be right to ensure bloggers had no break at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show by launching a wealth of Android tablets on them in the mere few days the show ran.

Now that it’s over, today we’ll look at our favorite Android tablet announcements from this year’s CES.