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In my years in college, the times I spent in the library were probably the most boring. The second most boring and frustrating times were spent writing research papers. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy writing, but research papers? Not usually. That’s why when I come across tools that make both my time in the library and my time doing research papers easier, I get excited.

Enter Cite This for Android. This handy little app makes formatting the citations for the books for researching very simple. Seriously, all you’ve got to do is create a project, add a reference, and scan a bar code. You can even choose which popular format you’ll need it exported into.

With collecting and citing references done this easily, see if you can imagine how else you can shorten your stint in the library. Maybe you can collect the citation information, find the pages in the book you want to reference, and grab pics of them with your phone for reading later in the dorm or at home. Either way, Cite This can make those citations easy (and slightly more fun).