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You have no doubt noticed that the longer you use your Android phone or tablet, the slower it can get. As well as a noticeable drop in performance, it’s also likely that storage space gets eaten up, apps start to hang and other problems might creep in. There are steps you can take from within Android that enable you to free up space, monitor the status of different aspects of your device and generally stay in control, but this will generally mean having to visit number of different areas of settings or making use of third party tools.

All-In-One Toolbox – or All-In-One Toolbox (17 Tools) to give the app its full title – aims to be very much what the name suggests, your one-stop-shop for all manner of maintenance and optimization tasks. The collection of tools includes a batch installer and uninstaller as well as a task management tool.


One of the great advantages of Android devices over the iPhone is that you do not need to decide how much space you are going to need with your initial purchase. Almost all Android phones and tablets include some internal storage that is supplemented by a memory card that can be upgrade as and when you see fit.

But this is not to say that you’re not going to run out of space. All memory has a finite capacity, and the law of average states that you are most likely to run out of space when you need it most – just as you need to take an important photo, or when you need to download a file to work on. 1Tap Eraser is a free tool that can be used to manually and automatically keep your storage in check by cleaning out unnecessary space hogs.