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Last month, I started a new tradition on Android.Appstorm by featuring 6 crowd-funded projects that might be of interest to Android users (many of which are still available now, so do check them out). This tradition will involve featuring new and exciting projects at the beginning of each month to help you sift through the hundreds of ideas filling Kickstarter and Indiegogo and find the rare gems that are worth contributing to.

Although I was at first very reticent to invest any money in crowd-funded projects, because nothing is guaranteed and the products weren’t already available and proven, my recent experience with them has been quite positive. I’ve received my 13000mAh Limeade battery and my Minuum keyboard invite on time, and I am enjoying both without any letdowns. That’s to say that crowd-funding does work when you exercise your better judgement to pick projects that are well thought-out and made by gadget enthusiasts like us, who just need a little help to push mobile and technology further.