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In a world where musicians are relying more and more on technology, finding a decent, portable music studio can be a daunting task. In the iOS ecosystem, this market is dominated by Apple’s own GarageBand. However, this leaves a pretty large gap in the Android community.

This is where PocketBand steps in. It is by far the most full-featured music studio running on the Android operating system. PocketBand combines a terrific user interface with irresistible cloud connectivity to create a very pleasurable experience. It comes out ahead of the pack in nearly every single aspect and is absolutely second to none in the very small world of Android music studios.


With the “smartphone era” came a great thing for musicians: the mobile tools for composing and playing music on a pocket size instrument with the practicality of touch interfaces. We hear so much about apps for iOS around music composition, notation, and live playing, made by the biggest and famous musical software and hardware companies — but what about Android? Though many of them didn’t look at us, some developers did, and have made powerful and useful weapons that every musician with an Android phone should have, covering everything from simple on-the-go notations to a full sequencer in your hands.

Join in me in this Roundup with the most awesome tools for musical notation, composition and learning, for Android.