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Whether it be for reviewing purposes or just for personal usage I end up installing plenty of apps during any given week. After getting a new phone recently, which features Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, app design has become a really important factor. I’ve been especially looking into apps that follow some of the ICS design principals and use the ‘Holo’ thematic as inspiration. What I’ve tended to notice is that, using apps like this feel far more ‘native’ within ICS itself and make for a really nice user experience. As recently as yesterday someone sent me an awesome link to a site called ‘Holo Everywhere‘, which blogs solely about about apps designed in this way.

I’m now trying to see if these apps are good enough to replace some of more commonly used applications, to make as much of my Android experience as Ice Cream Sandwich flavoured as possible. I might even have to report back with my findings! You’ll see a couple of examples within this list of ‘apps that have made my week’, most notably Pocket (formerly ReadItLater) which has now been given a big overhaul and ‘Ice Cream Sandwiched’ in terms of design. AppAware too is not only a great little discovery tool, it’s also clearly inspired by ICS. For these and a few other apps that have really caught my attention this week, read on for more. (more…)