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Smarty CRM Organizer for Android is a simple CRM tool that’s all about being more organized with your contacts. Contact management is an important part of any business but something that can quickly get out of hand without the right CRM tool. Whether you are a CEO, a sales manager or a salesperson, keeping track of your contacts and clients is incredibly important to increase sales and maintain good customer relations.

Smarty CRM Organizer is an Android contact management system which is a stripped-back alternative to cloud-based CRM heavyweights like Salesforce, Infusionsoft, and Insightly. It’s a straightforward but intuitive tool for small businesses designed to help improve your contact management.

Smarty CRM allows you to effectively build-up and manage a database, set reminders, and record collaboration milestones. The handy thing is it also works offline so when you’re on the road or without an internet connection, you can continue adding to it and it will sync new additions and changes when you reconnect.


For the longest time, I have been annoyed by the state of my contacts on Android. Between college and family, France and Lebanon, my Android.Appstorm contacts and my pharmacy suppliers and customers, I had over 800 contacts that were almost impossible to manage. Then I decided to set aside a few hours one day and go through them all on Google Contacts, managing duplicates and groups, deleting contact details that I didn’t need anymore, and so on.

Now that my contact list is as pristine as possible, I still find myself with the odd duplicate every now and then. Merging these duplicates should be a straightforward process on my phone but unfortunately, most contact apps on Android — whether the default Android People app or the alternatives made by Samsung or LG or HTC — don’t offer a simple duplicate searching and merging option. Enter Merge+, the easiest and fastest way to merge duplicates on Android. Here’s how to use it.


Many of us have devices that run on different operating systems, for example a work iPhone and a personal Android device. Looking at my specific case, I use a Samsung Galaxy Note II as my everyday phone and recently bought an iPad mini, which led me to explore ways of keeping the two in perfect sync.

In an always-connected world, it’s relevant for the two devices to communicate with each other and share data. Most importantly, having your emails, contacts and calendars synchronize from one device to the other is essential. This process should be seamless and transparent to you, so that all your content can be updated on both devices with no hassle. That’s what I will explore in the first part of this series.


How many different ways do you have to get in touch with the people you know? Just from your phone you could call them, send a text message, email, instant message through the likes of Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, chat via Skype, send a tweet and much, much more.

Obviously, not everyone you know will be using all of these services and if you want to contact a particular friend, you may find that you end up hunting through various apps to pick the best method of communication. All of this comes to a stop the moment you install CallApp.


One of the many great things about Android, particularly when it comes to comparison with iOS, is the fact that the operating system is almost endlessly customizable. If you don’t like the launcher your phone or tablet came with, there are countless others to choose from.

However, despite a few differences here and there, the basic idea behind many launchers and homescreen organizers is essentially the same. If you have a large number of icons that you need access to, this can mean that you end up getting a thumb workout as you scroll back and forth through screens. Imgy is here to give your thumb a rest and provide you with virtually unlimited amount of homescreen space.

(more…) has been around for a while and it really is an extraordinary way to share information with other smartphone users (Android and iPhone). Seriously, just as the name implies, all you have to do is bump phones with another user and – presto! – you’re sharing contact info, photos, and app suggestions.


One of the best things about Android is that you can replace any stock function on the device. Don’t like the dialer? Get a new one! Prefer a different text interface? No problem! Looking for more bang for your buck when it comes to contact management? Find a new one! It’s for this reason that we get cool apps like Komodo Contacts, which adds some extra functionality to our contact manager.


Ran out of milk and need to remind your husband to pick up some on the way home? Need to remind your friend about your big football game on Sunday? Got to ask your sister about tickets to an upcoming concert? Retire the calendar. Put away the post-it notes. Take a look at Bubble.

Bubble is a note-taking application that connects notes with your contacts so that, when they ring, you are easily reminded. Whenever your contact calls, your bubbles pop up to inform you of any of the notes you made for that contact. You’ll never forget to ask your friend about their job interview ever again. (more…)

MobileGo is a fantastic application by Wondershare, designed to interact with many aspects of your Android phone. The big difference to other applications for Android is that it doesn’t run on your phone — it runs on your Windows computer and offers up several tools, all of them beneficial and enhancing. In this review I will be explaining and critiquing these features.

It’s that time again! Thanks for all the questions you’ve been sending in; it’s great to be able to help you out with your Android issues. Keep them coming 🙂

This time we’re talking about Android vs. iPhone, tablet screen resolutions, separating your contacts into groups for work and friends, and how to turn off that blasted sound effect whenever you take a photo.

Read on for plenty of Android knowledge, and details on how to have your own questions answered.