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The home launcher forms the backbone of our devices and is quite possibly the single most important application when it comes to usability. It not only defines how we interact with our phone but also invariably determines the look and feel of it. Our devices obviously come preloaded with the phone manufacturer’s favored launcher application but with Android being the platform of alternatives, the Play Store offers a plethora of replacement apps that work just as well and in fact, enhance usability in most cases.

Nova, Apex, Go Launcher and ADW are some of the more popular ones around and while all of these applications and many others offer numerous customizations, options and tweaks aiming to make our phones more intuitive and easier to use, they aren’t really too different from each other and are built up from the same design base. This is the precise reason why Action Launcher Pro, which offers a completely new and refreshing take on Android home launchers, is an important and welcome innovation.


Keeping your phone protected from the harsh outside world should be pretty important to you. If it isn’t, think about how you would feel if your $400 phone slipped out your hands and you watched it fall, right before it exploded into pieces on the pavement. You may end up telling a story like this.

There are several methods of protecting your Android phone from such damages; in this article, I’ll fill you in on I’m going to tell you the positive and negative aspects of each.