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Crowd-funding is all the rage nowadays, as evidenced by our new monthly series of Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects. However, staying on top of all the cool projects can get a bit tedious, especially with the hundreds of new ideas being launched every day. Miss a cool project’s start and all the discounted early backer packs could be gone in a few days, miss a late-blooming project’s end date and you might forget pledging for a successful campaign that you had your eye on.

And since not everyone can sit in front of their computer and hit Refresh on their browser frantically, we all resort to mobile apps. Given that Indiegogo is normally easier to navigate, with less projects and more chance of finding popular or new ongoing campaigns, the absence of a mobile app isn’t very taxing.¬†However, Kickstarter’s lack of an official Android client is a missed opportunity if you ask me, and we have to resort to using third-party clients to discover and follow projects on our beloved platform. Here are 3 apps that help me stay on top of Kickstarter.