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Whether you are an indecisive person, or someone who is very forthright in expressing what you would like to do, or how you think things should be done, there are times when it makes sense to gauge opinion and get input from other people.

From deciding where you should go for dinner, to choosing between two different holiday destinations, Deci is a free app for Android users that makes it easy to canvass opinion and hold a quick poll.


A few months ago, CNN, one of the largest news outlets, released their highly visual Android application. Paralleling the design of the iOS application and even the Android tablet version, CNN offers a highly visual news experience which includes video and audio options as well.


As a web developer/programmer/nerd, this is a statement I get a lot: “Hey Joe, you know what would be cool? An app that [insert something here].” Sometimes I’ll get a justification that it “shouldn’t be too hard to do” (they’d probably feel differently if they were programming it), or more commonly I’d get, “I think a lot of people would use this.” That’s how a lot of great ideas get started: someone has a want or need. On the other hand, sometimes a developer wants to take on a project, but doesn’t have an idea to run with. Need An App aims to bring these two groups of people together.

Need An App is a pretty simple app with one purpose: get app ideas from people. Once you use the app to submit an idea, “a team of Android developers will continuously evaluate the proposals … and your desired app may be realized!!” This seems pretty cool.