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ADWLauncher EX is the higher-functioning bigger sibling of ADW.Launcher. It comes with a smattering of extra features and is arguably the most customisable alternative launcher available on Android.

Personally, I came to use ADWLauncher EX very late indeed; after being smitten with LauncherPro for a while, but disappointed when the development on that launcher ceased, I went looking for something else and found ADWLauncher EX. I remain completely open to new launchers and persist in trying new ones out. However, time and time again I always return to ADWLauncher EX. Why do I do this? Why keep coming back? Read on for more…


Go Locker is the newest contender in the competitive world of lockscreen replacements, but does it have the polish to succeed against such apps as WidgetLocker?

CyanogenMod 7 is one of the most popular custom ROMs available for Android phones today. Apart from its great community and fast new feature deployment it also is extremely customisable. With the themes below you can completely change your phone’s look, very easily!

Some of the themes can simply be installed from the Market whereas some others can only be downloaded from XDA. But fret not; getting the themes from XDA onto your phone is as simple as copying them onto your phone and using your File Manager of choice to install it. Than, as with the Market themes, just pick it from Theme Chooser. (more…)

…and we’re not talking about desserts. Read on to find out how to customise your Android 2.x handset to make it look like it’s running Android 4.0. (more…)